Escaping the Matrix

escaping the matrix
For most, the world which you live within is a world created to keep you subdued and dependent. By this I mean you are given distractions, responsibilities and beliefs which keep you confined to living by a set of restrictive guidelines. You may have or have not seen the movie The Matrix, it gives a perfect illustration of the captivity we are held within. We are bound by the illusions of what is presented to us and how we must conform in order to sustain and move forward in mainstream society. But look around you, the Matrix which you are participating within is disintegrating and placing you in a losing position. It is time to escape this Matrix, which leaves you in a state of denial due to the fact that you are unwilling to confirm that this not living. It is merely coexisting within a staged reality that forces you to play by its mandated rules.

Since birth, most of us are blinded by this false representation of what the world presents to us as normal and acceptable. You go to school, get a job, start a family and live your life happily until it comes to an end. Along the way you will incur debt, be a servant to someone else’s vision and constantly wish you could live a life beyond the one you currently have. The saying is be grateful with what you have but why be content when the possibilities for advancement are supposed to be endless…We get so immersed in the workings of the modern world that we become too distracted to see that we are trapped in a false sense of security until it becomes too late to reestablish ourselves. You are blindly being controlled and you don’t even know it is occurring. Things are strategically put into place to detour you from gaining the truth and from escaping the bondage you seemingly are willing to participate within. Your lingering question: How do I escape?

Escaping means awakening from the lies and realizing the truth that life is not based on reality but rather a simulated game experience. You are probably thinking; What the hell has he been smoking? Well let me explain my reasoning. Controls are put into place to keep you under the influence of believed normalcy since birth. Your school system, the belief of the need to attain higher education, the need to submit for a well-paying job, the perceptions the media portrays, religious messages, American ideology, societal interaction; it all reinforces the constraints which keep you distracted. Once you recognize this and begin to examine the design of the system you realize that your so-called freedom is a well-functioning illusion. When you constantly have to worry about bills, the costs of living, your job security and adhering to society’s standards; you are operating under a pre-structured state of normality. It is not normal, rather it is successful brainwashing and programming at work. Getting out of this cycle is not complex but instead a transitional period of unlocking all the chains attached to your mobility of free thinking and free acting. What chains? Debt restraint, low risk tolerance restraint, societal restraints; all those things that keep you under a state of submission. Settle all those issues and move towards the ability to operate under your own terms and view the world through your own perspective.

I myself am working towards leaving the Matrix. My biggest goals: eliminating debt, creating my own economy, being financially independent and creating a legacy for generations of my family to operate within. The only way for me to do this is to risk my sanity by rebelling against the status-quo and established system in place. Why I say risk my sanity… because you have to be borderline crazy in order to reject believed truths as false in order to establish your own truths.

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