Everybody Doesn’t Want to be an Entrepreneur

This post was written due to a Twitter debate I saw last week and participated within. The topic of the debate was why do people always talk about being an entrepreneur and promote entrepreneurship as if it’s the only means to success. The person who started the debate stated he would rather make his millions as an employee, and let those who choose entrepreneurship have that lifestyle. Is it plausible that he can really make millions as an employee? I doubt it but I can’t deny him his right to choose employee over entrepreneur.

In today’s world, where it seems that entrepreneurship is promoted everywhere, some do not hold high enthusiasm for the lifestyle. Hard to believe isn’t it, especially when it can seem like everybody wants to be their own boss. But realistically it isn’t that hard to believe because as I always say, people are conditioned to be risk averse.

That statement is not meant to be a slight against people who choose the option of the safe bet which is traditional employment. Why take a huge risk when you have the option of a safe bet which yields an outcome that suits your need for stability. Entrepreneurship is built on risk, plain and simple. The foundation which an entrepreneur builds their vision and business on is underlined with risk without a safety net. No surety exist in the world of entrepreneurship. The same could be said for corporate professionals because no job ensures security for a lifetime. With entrepreneurship though, you are willingly betting everything on a belief which has to be captured by others and sown into by others in order to succeed. Too tall a task when one can simply get an education and join a company that will pay for their education and skill sets

The Twitter discussion which compelled me to write this blog post made me realize we need to discuss the dual relationship between entrepreneurship and job creation. This is a fact already discussed frequently but I think the majority of people see entrepreneurship as a solo effort. The sole entrepreneur who builds a business, provides a product or service and does it all on their own. The real depiction is that of the entrepreneur who has a business, establishes it through sacrifice and hard work and seeks additional capital in order to grow and provide employment opportunities. Entrepreneurs are needed to establish businesses and workers are needed to support its continual growth. A mutual relationship that benefits all parties involved within the circle of interaction.

The overall message I want to get across is that we don’t have to preach to everyone about entrepreneurship or try to convert them into the lifestyle. Let people be comfortable with what they are willing to accept. Everyone doesn’t have to be an entrepreneur because we still need those who are willing to work within our visions. We need a combination of both groups of people in order to have continued innovation, growth and prosperity.

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