The Most Exciting New Technologies To Inspire The Entrepreneur In You



We’re living in strange times. Strange times politically, socially and financially. Time seems to move faster these days, and it’s largely in part to the streamlined nature of the internet and other technological devices. Information is so widely accessible today and knowledge so easy to acquire that in our pockets, most of us carry a tool that can access the full repository of accumulated human knowledge. We can also use it to contact anyone across the entire world. We call it a smartphone and take it for granted. Imagine trying to explain to someone 100 years ago the function of this device. To use a colloquial phrase, it would blow their minds.

But are we that adapted to all modern technology brings? The definition of technological advancement is that it’s always changing, and hopefully getting better. Technology doesn’t come out of a vacuum and then disappear into a society that can seamlessly incorporate it into their daily lives with no change. On the contrary, society is now largely dictated through the new technological devices that develop. Just look at the effect the internet has had on global systems, businesses, governments and individuals. The nature of our world has shaped alongside the web.


It had placed past industries out of business and promises to do the same in the future. For the entrepreneurial among you, this is a very good time to identify where you can stake your business claim. Technology does dwarf industries yes, just like how DVD’s are rapidly dwindling in sales thanks to online video subscription services. However, it also promises to create new industries that are ripe for development.

Here are a few interesting examples:



Automation is going to affect many different fields of industry. They include but are not limited to:



The ‘driver’ employment category is the number one most populated job category in the USA. With the advent of self-driving cars, the future of this industry is sure to experience turmoil. Automation will demand that more jobs are created to satiate the needs of this employees. If you’re an entrepreneur, investing or developing products for driving cars could be a genuinely lucrative business.



Automation in manufacturing process is nothing new, but there will be a more profound effect felt in the coming years. Learning the correct and future supply chain requirements could allow a budding entrepreneur to isolate a currently missed opportunity for automation, and speed up manufacturing processes further. For example, because of how ubiquitously these will be used, running a technical maintenance service will mean that your business is never out of work.



VR is having current profound effects on the nature of video games, interactive experiences, and shopping. Shopping you might ask? How could VR possibly work there? Well, offering a home based and consistently available retail store that’s not limited to staff shifts, opening hours or bricks and mortar layouts is certainly preferable from a store owner’s perspective.

Cyberspace doesn’t demand rent.

As an entrepreneur, researching into a virtual reality agency to best understand how this growing business opportunity is set to blossom will allow you to make the most of this new technological pursuit as early as possible. It’s sure to be universally adopted sooner than you’d think.

Any entrepreneur worth his or her salt will plan to stay in the loop. With the current modern climate, there has never been a more exciting time to do so.


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