Excuse Me. Can I Have Your Attention Please?

Do you ever feel like you and your business are being overlooked in the marketplace? You know you have the best products and service but you just can’t seem to garner the attention you know you deserve. You notice that people who are not as skilled as you have a never-ending flow of customers and you are barely making ends meet. “What am I doing wrong?” you ask yourself.

What you are doing wrong is allowing yourself to be boxed in within a hyper competitive marketplace. People are already ambushed by big corporations via commercials, billboards and social media so the fight for attention at the entrepreneurial level is intense. You are fighting for the attention of the same market share as someone in the same city as you and also someone across the world from you. All you want is for the opportunity to present your value to those who are unaware that they can benefit from it. How you go about doing so is a total mystery to you though. You have tried everything and anything, yet still nothing proves to be very effective.

The mistake you are making though is exactly following the example set before you by someone else. What you have to remember is that what works well for someone else does not necessarily mean the same will occur for you. Entrepreneurship is about exploiting an opportunity in the marketplace and creating a distinction for yourself that sets you apart from the competition.

“How do I do that?” you ask. Here is how…

1. Find Out What is Needed. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is offering products and services no one wants. The belief is that we know what the customers need, they just have to be brought to the point of that realization. For the most part this is true but it is how you go about doing so is what makes a difference. The important thing to do is to find out exactly what is needed, back up these findings with facts and then educate the marketplace about how value will be provided. Just putting it out there and expecting people to catch on is not the right approach because again, you are in a very competitive environment. Do it the right way and you will get the right results.

2. Illustrate Your Expertise. In entrepreneurship everyone claims to be an expert, can they actually back up this claim though? People hate spending their hard-earned money on inferiority and mediocre results. So when people are skeptical you have to take away this skepticism by proving your capabilities. Invite people to partake in your free offerings so they can get an example of how you and your business works. Participate in conversations related to your field, blog consistently and network religiously; anything that allows you to demonstrate your knowledge in front of an audience. Any opportunity that presents itself where you can shine, pounce on it immediately in order to prove you are worth the investment.

3. Command Attention. In order to command attention you have to become the center of attention. You, as the business owner have to make your business stand apart from those who you compete with. Whether it’s some crazy marketing scheme or impeccable customer service; you have to do something great that no one else can come close to. When you are able to do so you grab attention immediately but the key when doing this is being consistent so to keep such attention going. You do not necessarily have to be the loudest but you most definitely have to work the hardest. When you go over and beyond what others aren’t willing to do; you stand out and become recognized as someone who goes the extra mile in order to provide continual satisfaction.

I hope this helps you if you are stuck trying to find out how set yourself apart from the competition. Just continue to work hard and provide excellence and people will begin to notice you are worth being bought into.

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