Focusing On The Digital For Your Small Business

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Operating your own business, whether you’re solo or have a small team, is a success in itself. It shows a forward-thinking mindset that needs expanding on in order to truly push forward your achievements. With this in mind, it’s a wonder why the majority of people are still putting their attention in traditional methods to do with business when technology has advanced so much. There is a world waiting for us on our computers, smartphones and tablets that we really need to be taking advantage of a lot more; not only for marketing methods, but for organisation, communication, administration and so much more. But what do we really need to consider when looking at the digital world, and what can we take from it to put towards our business?



Businesses need to communicate more. At least, if you want to be successful with your company, you need to be doing this. The internet offers a whole host of options for you to be able to communicate, and they all need utilizing. Not only does it offer a form of marketing while you are doing it, but it helps you to stay in touch with your target demographic and emphasize your brand with a strong connection back to what you are focused on. The more that you can communicate B2C and B2B, the more that you will be able to develop. It’s as simple as that. Use all of the technology around you to your advantage. Email, email again and then do a follow up; make it as personal as you can to try and truly engage with those whose attention you want to catch. The more that you get in touch with those who you want to be focusing on your business, the more that they will know that you are focusing on them for the long term. The general public are focusing more so on how much they can invest personally in a brand, so you need to be looking to make your business as approachable as possible. By appointing a dedicated person to manage the emails and sort out talking to potential customers, you are doing yourself a solid.




More and more businesses are moving over to digitizing their administration rather than leaving it to pieces of paper strewn around the office. You can even outsource your admin work to a virtual personal assistant, who does all of the hard work from their remote location rather than taking up room inside of your own office. Through doing this, you could even be saving yourself money; rather than hiring somebody on a salary for the year to focus on this one job, you can pass over work for a fraction of the price to somebody who is managing a lot of other companies too. These are professionals who have done it for years and base their work upon the recommendations that they get, so you will know if you are getting somebody good judging on the reviews that have been left.




Traditional marketing is dying a slow death. It’s still clinging on, but traditional newspapers are moving more towards online publications, with some even calling for donations to keep them running. The future of marketing is digital – and it has been for the last decade, if not a bit longer. The rise of social media, SEO and email campaigns, amongst other things, have led to an increase in purchases and attentiveness amongst consumers with certain brands who have put their all into communicating with masses of people through these platforms. And it’s not just businesses who are getting into the swing of things with this, either – political parties have even realized the power of digital marketing and are using it towards their campaigns. There are over two billion people in this world who are using Facebook – that’s over a third of the population on the entire globe. That’s a majorly big percentage of people that you can hit by going viral with an ad campaign. There’s so much that can be done for your business using digital strategies that you would be severely missing out on potential leads to customers if you aren’t using it. There is more that can be found out about this marketing method from Digital News Facebook pages, as well as other sites around the internet. With so much free information on offer, you can get yourself up to being a pro on SEO and marketing knowledge in no time if you haven’t previously given it much thought. There are also freelance professionals for hire who will be able to take it on for you.




If you haven’t got a device that you are organizing your life on, then you need to get one – sharpish. Gone are the days of Filofax and personal diaries to let you know what you are about to do. The great thing about using a laptop, smartphone or tablet in order to organize your day is that they’re portable, and depending on the software that you are using, they can be contributed to by more than one person. This is quite an amazing thing when you think about it – if you were walking around with a diary in your pocket full of what you are going to do in the day, or places to go, it would only be that that you are focused on. By downloading an app such as Evernote or Iffft, you are able to prioritize what you need to do as well as adding a whole bunch more to it in the time that you need to do it; great for those who are wanting to be more productive with their day. This only can positively affect your business if you are truly utilizing your time for organization relating to profit. The more that you get in sync with those who are working around you, the more that you will be working with rather than against them – which is essential for any business in this day and age.

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