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Getting noticed online is getting harder particularly as a small business. As everyone becomes more internet savvy the competition to be top in the search rankings gets more fierce and you will find yourself having to rely more and more on experts to help push your visibility.


A good, user-friendly website and a knowledge of Google Analytics is no longer enough to ensure your customers are getting the message. If you want to have a real impact on your online profile read on for some top tips and advice.

    • Get in the experts – if you can afford it, the best way of raising your business’ profile online is to outsource your SEO to an expert. SEO specialists know how to optimize your website so that you maximize your search engine potential.  SEO companies have been springing up everywhere over the last decade to help businesses master this dark art of optimization in order to reach a wider new business network. SEO expert Bradley Shaw, one of the best SEO in Dallas says “Search engine optimization in a hyper-competitive market is not only making sure your business ranks high on search engine results, but also ensuring that it stands out from the crowd.”  Unless you are a creative techie then enabling your business to stand out from a crowd will need some expert guidance.
    • Test your website -once you have optimized your website so that your potential customers can find you, the next thing you need to do is to get them to actually listen to what you have to say. You can spend a lot of energy and money getting the look of your website right but unless you test its usability and how it performs in the market you will have wasted your time. Testing your website isn’t just about whether the site navigation works or how easy it is for your customers to use it across multi-platforms, it is also testing whether what you are saying resonates with your customers, makes them want to read more and importantly takes them further into your website in order to  find out more about the service or products you have on offer. You should monitor and test your content regularly both against site visits, individual page impressions and what is working for your competitors. Regular testing is important so that you don’t blow your opportunity to engage your customers online by a poorly written or delivered message.
    • Fresh ideas – another great way of both optimizing your website and encouraging a regular flow of traffic to your site is to regularly update the content so that there is something new to attract visitors.  You will struggle to update each page on a regular basis but a news or blog page is the perfect place to post new ideas, stories and opinion pieces that will get your site noticed. This is also a great way of selling your product or services without being too pushy.  Case studies, customer endorsements, and product reviews are all relevant and regular items you should be using to keep your website fresh.


  • Where next? – if you are succeeding in attracting a good flow of traffic to your website and your page impressions are impressive then what next?  Having traffic is all well and good but unless you know what to do with that interest you will not see any significant growth in sales or support.  Understanding where to drive traffic and what call to action you need should be part of your overall marketing strategy.  Things to consider are whether you want your customers to directly interact with you using email or telephone and if so who will monitor this for a timely response? Customer service is just as important online as it is face to face so however, you invite your customers to engage make sure it is straightforward, appropriate to your customer and you as a business and timely.  


Socialize it – another element that can really add value to your online presence is social media.  This is an area often overlooked by smaller organizations who don’t have the time or resources to investigate and understand the benefits of social media for businesses.  Social media sites such as linkedin and twitter give you an opportunity to build online networks of customers and stakeholders and then direct them back to your website through the sharing of content, news, and ideas. Social media can also be used to build new business networks for direct and online marketing.  It is a brilliant and often cost-effective recruitment tool too.

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