Are You Generating Quality Leads with Online Quizzes?

What’s your reason for becoming an entrepreneur?

I want the real reason and not some response about how you’re meant to be an entrepreneur.

You made the choice to become an entrepreneur because you wanted to pursue the opportunity of making a lot of money.

And there’s nothing wrong with that source of motivation.

I’d like to ask you, though, “what activities are you using to make money?”

This is a question that must be asked because if you aren’t making money as an entrepreneur, then you’re wasting your time.

The flow of money into your business is dependent on marketing and sales.

Therefore, you need to create an effective marketing strategy that efficiently converts prospects into customers.

You might be saying out loud as you read this, “that’s easier said than done!”

I’ll take that response of frustration as indication that you aren’t experiencing the sales you’d like to have.

There’s probably multiple reasons as to why your lack of sales is occurring, and I can go on at quite a length discussing those issues.

Instead, I want to focus on giving you a great solution to your sales woes.

Have you heard about Interact?

Interact is focused on helping you create quizzes that generate leads — producing more sales for your online marketing activities.

You already know that online marketing can be a difficult task, considering that the internet provides many distractions that constantly shifts the user’s attention to something new.

You aren’t the only one vying for that online user’s attention, which means you have to be creative with your marketing activities.

Your marketing message can easily be overlooked for many reasons but the main culprit is because your marketing efforts aren’t engaging.

The best way to get your audience to engage with your marketing is to make their participation required.

This is why quizzes are so effective in generating leads.

When the user shows enough interest in taking the quiz, they’ll most likely want to receive follow-up information that corresponds to the information within the quiz.

This is called relevance.

Make the content relevant to your audience and they’ll be more willing to engage.


How you can use Interact

You can use the quizzes in multiple ways to achieve the desired outcome of generating leads. This includes:

  • Assessments – Create assessments to pick your audience’s brain and determine if they qualify as solid leads
  • Personality Quizzes – Create engaging quizzes that your audience has fun answering
  • Giveaways – Create giveaway contest to reach new customers.

The purpose of creating these quizzes is to collect email addresses.

As a reader of this blog, you already know that email addresses are the key to making money online.

Once the user enters their email address, they should be given the results to their quiz.

You also want to present them with another offer that is greater than the quiz results.

This can be a free e-book, an invite to your upcoming webinar, or a sales offer.

The opportunities are abundant and you can use various options dependent on your immediate needs.


What are some of the Interact features?

  • Integrates with most email marketing platforms
  • You can customize the design
  • Place your own logo on the quizzes (branding)
  • Multiple types of quizzes
  • Customizable opt-in form
  • In-depth analytics
  • Mobile-responsive

As you can see, Interact makes it nearly impossible for you to not get the most out of using their quizzes for you marketing activities.

The quizzes can easily be integrated into your marketing strategy to enhance the engagement experience with your audience.

And a happy user experience will most likely lead to a positive outcome for you (new customers)!


Why you need Interact for your business

The online marketplace is crowded with competition.

We all know this fact, which is why we try to think of creative ways to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

You have a product or service that needs to be purchased, therefore you need attention brought to your offer.

Making this attention grabbing process engaging helps you both increase your leads and convert them into customers.

If you’re a blogger, you’re most likely dabbling in affiliate marketing, selling e-books or offering your consulting services.

You need to be using Interact to gain more leads!

This can apply to any other profession where the majority of your  sales occur online.

If you’re not using Interact, your competition most certainly will be because they recognize a good opportunity to increase their sales when they see it.

But what do I know?

My sole goal is to ensure you grow your online business into a 6-7 figure empire you control.

It’s completely your choice if you take my advice on how to do that with the options I present to you.


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