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You might have heard the old adage ‘no publicity is bad publicity.’ This is true if you’re trying to achieve fame at all costs, but it’s not true if you’re trying to successfully promote a business. So then, how do you do it? By launching expensive marketing campaigns in a conventional way and hoping that improves your exposure?


Or can you do a lot better than that? Is it worth going back to the drawing board and seeing how you could intelligently apply a relevant marketing campaign that will not only draw eyes but keep them?


You’re absolutely correct it is. In the digital, every-connected age, consumers are now more than ever aware of being marketed to. They’re used to seeing an advertisement barrage on every web page they visit. It’s why browser adblockers are so popular. People are used to skipping the 5 second mandatory YouTube advertisement.

There’s so much effort placed by behavioral psychologists to figure out ‘what makes people tick? How do we market to them effectively? How have the nuances in the social media-addled brain changed in a way that could suit us?’ Noone is absolutely sure of these answers, purely because the internet is a relatively new invention in its current form, and connectivity is more of an ever-present factor in more avenues of our lives than ever. It’s not unrealistic to assume smart fridges will soon give you grocery advertisements based on the contents of your refrigerator.


Until that day comes, how can you naturally and intelligently apply your marketing campaign to get yourself seen organically? ‘Organically’ as defined by the consumer coming to you, not the other way around.


Well, here’s how:


SEO Marketing


SEO Marketing is a vital part of being seen online naturally. SEO (search engine optimization) is the ranking Google and other search engines use to identify what ranking your website will be assigned in their search terms. If you have great content, filled with cross-reference links to other websites, your ‘authority index’ is raised, and your website is happily displayed on the first few pages of an indexed search. With trillions of Google searches made every year, it’s not difficult to imagine why this is a benefit. Using a professional, reliable service like Spark Logix SEO will help you craft your content in the correct way to ensure you’re being seen by the largest audience possible.


Mysterious Campaigns


An example is needed her. In the early 90’s, ‘Orange,’ a UK-based telephone network provider (recently absorbed by EE,) didn’t announce to the public all at once. Instead, the marketing campaign used suspense to generate natural interest in the product. They did this by placing posters depicting a sole image of an Orange square. This poster was featured in public places like train stations and billboards for a matter of months and generated so much word of mouth the public, television shows and radio presenters like were questioning the significance of the strange poster. Once they went public, most of the nation had already seen the logo (the orange square,) and had been talking about it for a stretch of time.


This was before the days of social media, where connective communication reigns supreme. Utilized effectively, an interesting marketing approach could be devised here. With the ability to directly target potential customers advertising ID’s, you could use this method to be a talking point of your targeted demographic.


Marketing is a push/pull between who you desire to see your product, and how you desire your product to be seen. Utilize these techniques and you’re sure to effectively promote that product launch, or new business entirely.

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