Great Promotion, Failure to Deliver.

Have you ever been seduced by great advertisement or a charming salesman only to be rewarded with low quality products and poor service. Most of us have and it is not a good feeling. In fact it tends to make us angry and frustrated because our emotions were played with and our money was wasted on crap. Many businesses perpetuate this problem by talking up a good game to get people in the door and fail miserably once a business relationship has been established. This is an issue that happens repeatedly and in turn creates very wary consumers who become fragile to the business experience. Once you have fragile consumers any problem no matter how minute can lead to a lot of frustration and cause for unwanted headaches.

Having great promotion and failing to deliver what you promise does you absolutely no good. No matter how well you can put together words and beautifully communicate how great your products and services are; you must have actual substance to back your claims. A business that cannot provide beneficial results will soon find itself out of the position to be called a business once customer dissatisfaction becomes consistent. You do not want your business to be labeled with such a negative characteristic so it is important you take the necessary steps to never become “the avoided” business.

How to have both great promotion and deliver the expected results.

1) Identify Your Objective. In business it is very important that you have something being work towards. Rather it be excellent customer service or innovative products and services; when you have an objective to achieve you become more focused. Those businesses that provide great promotion but come up short usually do not have a focused mindset and instead say whatever possible to gain a person’s attention. This is what creates frustration and anger because you are selling people a dream that cannot become a reality. Do not make the mistake of trying to be everything to everybody and doing so by stating lies. Identify what you can be best at and work towards being recognized and admired for that specific reason rather than hated for being a fake.

2) Live by Your Word. Reputation is everything in business. A good reputation can take you far, a bad reputation can have the doors closed on you and locked. If you say your business can provide the consumer with a certain experience then it is in your best interest to make sure it is provided. Consumers hate feeling duped and once they experience that feeling they will make it known to any and everyone. That is why it is important to not only be truthful with your customers but also truthful with yourself. Do not create enormous hype for yourself that is impossible for you to live up to. If you talk the talk then walk the walk; there is no other way around it.

3) Keep the Consumer First. You are in business to serve the consumer, not to indulge your own ego. Many businesses suffer from arrogance that blinds them from their intended purpose. Once you begin to think your business is bigger than the consumer you start to feel as though consumers are lucky to be in your presence. That type of attitude will only bring one outcome…failure. Consumers only want two things; to be treated well and to receive quality products and services. That is really all they ask for so it really should not be that hard to make these wants a possibility. As long as you work to satisfy the consumer and consistently meet their needs, you put yourself in the position to posses favorable recognition with the consumers.

Yes business is competitive but that does not mean you overly exaggerate what you can provide or take shortcuts in order to get ahead. You must work hard and operate at a level above what the average business outputs. Stay true to yourself and your capabilities and people will soon come to appreciate what you have to offer.

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