Hiring Freelancers As A Work-From-Home Freelancer

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We always see articles crop up online about which tasks small and medium sized businesses should outsource, but with more and more talented people making it in the freelance world, shouldn’t we be seeing at least one or two articles about what tasks they should be outsourcing? Yes. Freelancers using freelancers.


Just like any business, freelancers can experience some seriously – and we mean seriously – busy periods where the workload becomes almost unmanageable. What’s worse, though, is how important it is to use these good times to full-effect. The answer: outsource.


Just because you are a work-from-home freelancer doesn’t mean this option can’t help you out or, better yet, boost your operations exponentially. How amazing would that be? Well, with all that being said, we have come up with a selection of tasks that you should absolutely consider outsourcing, especially during those times when there is a ton of fruit to be picked.

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Upping Your Advertising Game

Advertising your skills and talents is such an important part of bringing in work and maintaining the pipeline of projects you need. However, advertising can be a very time-consuming task, which means you may stop all your advertising activity during the good times, which will have a huge affect on you down the line. Using the good times is how freelancers survive.  So why not call in some hotshot freelancer who has a knack for it. Not only will this take the pressure off you and allow the good times to keep rolling, you may also see your exposure go through the roof. That’s a double-whammy.


Some Quality Assurance

When the inbox is full of work that needs to be completed, the pressure can get to us a little and we can start to miss things. This is to be expected because, well, hopefully, you are human. However, instead of heaping more pressure onto ourselves by having work sent back because it was below par, outsource your proofing and editing needs, just make sure you vet them properly. Have someone sift through your work to make sure it is absolutely perfect before you send it to the customer. Reputation is everything in the freelance world.


You’re Not A Computer Whizz

The more work you have coming in the more the pressure is on. That is kind of like business 101. So the worst thing can happen is for your computers to go down and you have to make that horrendously awful phone call where you have to tell them your work is going to be late. Instead, use someone like Level 5 Management to make sure that your computers are running smoothly, especially if you have brought in a couple of extra people to help you manage the workload during this time. As experts, they may even be able to tell you how you can improve your tech infrastructure. Bonus.


What About Entire Projects

We know this is a bizarre thing to suggest, but when the work is coming in so thick and fast you are considering turning work away, try and think about the slow times that creep into every year and then consider outsourcing an entire project instead. Turning work away is never good because, while it may just be one task now, it could be a long relationship that comes off the back of work well done. Now, wouldn’t that be something wonderful?

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