How Start-Ups Can Get Their First Clients

Today’s post is provided by Lyfe Marketing, a social media management company located in Atlanta, GA.

So you have a great idea for a business. And you have taken all the necessary steps to bring your brand to the market. Now it’s time to land your first few clients. As entrepreneurs, we are very passionate about the products and services we create. We believe every one will jump for joy and be ready to spend money on our brands. However, most early entrepreneurs will quickly realize how difficult it can be to land your first few clients.

For many founders, the first year is critical. How your business performs in the first year can determine who you are as an entrepreneur, how fast your business will grow and if you will find investors. In this post, I am going to share how my start-up, LYFE Marketing – A Social Media Management Company, gained its first few clients.

1. We used our personal network.
The first thing we did as a social media start-up was use our personal network. Every one knows someone. My co-founders and I, got together and began to map out who we knew. We then took that information and sent emails, text messages and calls letting them know about our start-up. First to catch-up. Second to ask, “Do you know anyone who could benefit from our services?” Surprisingly, that generated leads and early word-of-mouth for us.

2. We went to events.
Eventually, you will exhaust your personal network. Once that happens, you will have to begin expanding your next through different tactics. The next thing our start-up did was attend events. We went everywhere our target audience would be. To networking events, workshops, conferences, lunches, and more. Surprisingly, there were a lot of free networking events in Atlanta and so we did not have to spend much money to attend events. What was our strategy? Walk up to someone you don’t know and say Hi. You will find you will build contacts. However, aim to build relationships so follow-up with them and continue to be at the places they will be.

3. We used social media.
When you can’t make that face to face contact, the next best thing is to use social media. It’s not always necessary to use all social media platforms that are available to you. Find out where your clients are spending the most time. Because our start-up is B2B focused, Twitter and LinkedIn came to be a great platform for us to build online relationships. We followed our potential clients, shared their posts and commented on their status. Sooner or later, you will have them knocking at your door. However, its important to note that this takes time, so patience and consistency is key.

4. We used our clients.
Hopefully you can land your first client, from the tips above. Once you attract your clients you can ask for referrals. Most clients will only refer you if you have done a great job for them. So keep in mind that it is very important to provide great customer experience early on (and really all the time).

5. We did digital marketing.
Today, there are an ample amount of marketing strategies you can employ. And most can be done for free or at a very low-cost. Weigh your options carefully based on your target audience. Social media marketing is our favorite for many reasons, but mainly to build relationships. Ultimately, you will find the more relationships you build, the more potential clients you will have coming your way.

Good luck in your journey to acquire your first few clients. If you have any extended advice comment below! Thanks for reading.

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