How to Become Effective at Selling!




Do you know what I hate hearing? And I mean really hate hearing.


Entrepreneurs who say that they hate selling.


What do you mean you hate selling! Selling is what fuels your business. Selling is what puts food on your table.


Saying something so stupid as an entrepreneur is irritating.


You are probably thinking that I have a background as a professional salesman. Why else would I be so passionate about selling?


No, I am not a professional salesman. Although I am a sales affiliate for Dream Big Youth Travel, which is another source of my income.


I am just a strong advocate for entrepreneurs knowing how to sell. And not just knowing how to sell, but knowing how to effectively sell.


I’ll admit it, I used to be one of those entrepreneurs who hated selling. I would rather stay in the background being the brains of the operation, and let the talkers handle the selling process.


I would come up with various reasons as to why I should not be selling. These negative thoughts would be used as my supporting reasons to not waste my time selling.


My defeating thoughts when thinking about selling:


Why would anyone buy my services?


What am I supposed to say to entice people to make a purchase?


How do I not make myself look stupid?


I would defeat my ability to sell before even attempting to speak to the person. I was sabotaging myself by thinking only the worst would occur.


Presently, I am eager to make a sale. I wake up everyday with the goal in mind to create at least 5 leads, for each of my businesses, and this is very a low number. I should actually be going after 20-50 leads per day, but I will explain how this is done in a later blog post.


No, I’m not one of those pushy guys trying to make a sale. You know who I’m talking about. The guys you just meet, and they are already trying to pressure you into buying their products or services.


That’s not how you are supposed to sell. All it does is turn people off, and it feeds into the negative stereotypes about people who sell.


used_car_salesmanPhoto Credit:


I’m not like the used car salesman pictured above, but when I sell, I am motivated to hit my goals and targets so that I can make the money that I desire. But I can’t do this by being a liar or manipulative. Acting in this manner will only backfire on me. I am in this for long-term success, not short-term gain.


I only sell my services, and soon to be products, to people who I know I can provide with a solution. When I listen to truly understand their business problems, or thoroughly analyze what they need in place to grow their business, I think about how to provide them with the perfect solution. I don’t immediately try to push something that will not  be a long-term solution for their business needs.


A loyal customer is more valuable than a one-time buyer.


I need to understand what attempts they have tried in the past, what they are currently doing, and what are the desired results they want to accomplish in the future.


I am more than a seller. I am a strategist. I am a psychologist. I work to not only understand the individual’s business, I also have to completely understand the individual.


People are made up of emotions


It’s not personal Sonny, it’s strictly business.


You have to understand that people are made up of emotions, and their actions are guided by those emotions. Even though they are supposed to think logical when conducting business, their emotions usually win the battle.


When a business owner keeps employees on their payroll, but they can’t afford to pay them, it is due to their emotional thinking, not logical thinking.


When a woman buys some expensive shoes, but she has bills due the following week, it is due to her emotional thinking, not logical thinking.


One of your keys to success when selling, is having high emotional intelligence. This is the ability to read people’s emotions, in order to be effective at steering them in the direction you want.


Again no, you are not using this skill to manipulate people into buying your products or services.


You are more concerned with knowing what deeply affects people, or what motivates them, so that you can be effective at communicating the value of your products or services.


For example: An internet marketer is having a hard time creating leads for his online business. He creates content and buy ads, but they are barely generating any traffic, so the ability to create leads is dismal. He reaches out to two companies. The first company barely ask any questions. They just list out their services, and why they are beneficial to the customer. The second company asks deep questions, to gain better insight about what the marketer is currently doing and to understand his pain points. They inform the marketer that his content is too generic because it doesn’t solve specific problems, helping to demonstrate his expertise. They also inform him that his ads are too broad, they are not narrowed down to a targeted demographic, who would be more willing to buy his products.


Who do you think the internet marketer chose to do business with?


Of course with the people who actually listened to him so that they could understand his problem.


Selling begins with listening


Simply closing your mouth, resisting the temptation to start blurting out the benefits of your products or services, and instead opening your ears to understand, will provide you with far better results.


If you didn’t know by now, the benefits your product or service provides are not a motivating factor for people to make a purchase.


People are more interested in gaining real value!


The key to providing value, is listening to understand the pain points or desires of those you are having a conversation with. Communication isn’t about doing the most talking. Communication involves the ability to have a conversation, in order to gain a better understanding of another person’s point of view.


Do you see that I keep driving home the point of understanding.


The reason why understanding is so important, is because too many people who are trying to sell don’t even know what their target customers need or want.


They push a product or service and their intended market ignores it because they don’t need or want it.


When in the presence of a potential customer, the seller talks, then lets the potential buyer talk, but instead of listening to understand, they listen to hear, and proceed to push the thought that was already in their head before the person even began to talk.


Selling in this manner is not only a complete waste of the individual’s time, but also a waste of your time. Nobody wins in this situation.


But if you listen to understand, you can put yourself in the position to turn leads and even skeptics into customers


Turning knowledge into gold


You now know that listening to understand is essential to selling. You ask questions to gather information and you listen to understand how to use the information gathered. This process allows for you gain knowledge, which is supposed to be used to design the perfect solutions.


I’m a content strategist, so I will naturally push content when speaking about marketing and selling. But content is the gold that communicates your understanding, your expertise, and the value you provide.


Let’s break each one of them down to see how this work:


Your Understanding


Communicating that you are aware of the problems people are dealing with establishes a connection.


Entrepreneurs and business owners tend to feel like they are alone. Their family and friends don’t understand the situations they are dealing with. They do their best to support by saying encouraging words, but encouragement only goes so far, real solutions are needed.


Your job is to accurately illustrate the problem they are facing, as if you were them operating their business. This will blow their minds.


Their thoughts, this person must be a mind reader! They are talking exactly about what I am dealing with. It is if they are speaking directly to me!


You want people to think that you are actually talking directly to them. This helps to create the connection that can be developed into a loyal follower.


Take Entrepreneurial Ambitions for example. All my new post will be more personable, while digging deeper into the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I have had many struggles to overcome, some very recently, that have molded me into a stronger entrepreneur. I want you to understand that I know your struggles and I know how to help you overcome them.


Which leads to….


Your Expertise


You have established the problem, now you need to provide a solution. Not a generic answer, but a well thought out solution that is backed by experience.


This is where you want to be as detailed as possible. It may seem like a lot, but trust me it will payoff.


If you don’t believe me. Then read Neil Patel’s website, Quicksprout. He lays out a problem and then provides very in-depth solutions as to how to solve these problems. And he does this for free!


But he can do that because his free advice earns him very lucrative consulting gigs. Top brands consult him in order to understand how to produce better content, and to help enhance the performance of their websites.


He is granted these opportunities because he consistently demonstrates his expertise. He post a new blog post every week, showing people that he has a deep knowledge of his field of work.


You have to do the same. I have to do the same. If you want to become known as an expert, you have to back up your claim as an expert continuously.


Value Provided


What do you provide that makes someone else’s life easier?


Value is the perception people attach to your business based off of the experiences from dealing with your business.


Yes, you can communicate your value but I’m here to tell you that it means nothing without validation.


With this being the case, you must ask for the buyer to give you the opportunity to validate your value.


Do you know how that sounds?


It sounds like you are committed to earning their trust, which leads to a loyal customer.


You saying this is beyond a simple guarantee. You are pretty much saying that you will earn their money or give it back to them if they aren’t satisfied.


This is a bold statement to say when closing a sale, so you better stand by it.


Once you are known for providing value. Testimonials and word of mouth praise will do the selling for you.


Becoming an effective seller is a must if you want to grow your business into a 6-7 figure empire.


Do you have a desire to 10X your selling, in order to  produce a lifestyle of abundance and freedom? Then you should definitely be interested in the valuable knowledge given by Grant Cardone, the master of selling.


Listen, you became an entrepreneur to make money, so stop having an issue with selling. If you are truly providing people with value, and making their personal life or business life much easier, then you should be paid for your hard work.




  1. Adam White said:

    It’s tough to really embrace it, but sales make the world go round. Without sales, a lot of people wouldn’t even have a job. Even if you are not directly involved in selling, it is worthwhile to have some basic sales skills, because they can translate into other parts of ones life.

    September 16, 2016
    • Yura said:

      Exactly! Selling is a natural process in life. You sell your skills to get a job. You sell your personality and qualities to get in a relationship. When you want to get ahead in life, you have to sell yourself in order to increase your opportunities.

      When it comes to entrepreneurship, if you can’t sell the value of your products or services, then your business is destined to fail. That is unless you surround yourself with a great sales team. But even then you will have to sell your business to these people.

      I appreciate your comment.

      November 29, 2016

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