How to Create Your Own Economy

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It’s approximated 7 billion people live in this world. How many of these people do you think actually contribute to the economic productivity within this world? Definitely not all, but does even half of the population have a significant contribution towards the economy? No, not even half. The world does not operate in this manner, and due to that fact only a small percentage of people have the opportunity to explore the abundance of this man-made world. The rest of us just get to sit back and wonder what if…

So you want to know where I am going with this right? What I want to point out is that we all are not actually evenly matched participants within the economy. It is a rigged game stacked from the beginning. And when profit can be made from keeping people in debt and forever connected to the system in place, why change the rules of engagement? There is no reason to because the majority of people do not understand the mandates of this game or are just unwilling to make the necessary changes for their betterment.

You do not have to participate in this economic system though.
You can create your own.
And here is how you go about doing so:

1. Identify New Streams of Income. Wealthy people rarely become so or remain so by having one source of income. That great career that provides for you for the rest of your life was just manufactured propaganda called the American Dream. People who operate independently from this fiction know that revenue generated in streams is what fills the river with abundance. So you must create different avenues of income generation that work to keep you ahead and not just breaking even or worse working but still dramatically behind. I myself have these income streams in development: ebooks, programs/training modules, consulting and coaching. Are these all making money for me currently? No, but they are being developed to do so in order to make my life more enjoyable and less focused on paying my bills. Create your list and begin developing your own.
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2. Set Goals. Creating your own economy does not happen overnight. It involves long hours, a lot of hustling and the ability to be diverse. Setting goals to be reached, with initiatives and benchmarks attached help to effectively manage the process. For example you say you want to make $1,000,000. Alright that is the goal. The initiatives to get to such point might be make more sales, make some strategic investments or charge more for your services. Whatever it may be, create steps which lead to said goal. Finally set benchmarks which illustrate the progress you are making. For a $1,000,000 goal your benchmarks may be accumulate $5,000, next accumulate $10,000, next accumulate $20,000 and so on. These are the necessary checkpoints which demonstrate that you are moving in the right direction towards your goal and help keep you aligned with your goal at hand.

3. Analyze & Remain Diligent. The hardest part about creating your own economy is getting the cash flowing and most importantly flowing consistently. That is why most do not attempt doing this type of thing because it takes a focused effort and the patience to figure out the process of your developing economy. You must find out what is working for you and what is not. Make adjustments, drop those things that take more from you than add to you and try to squeeze more out of the healthy performers. You have to be well in tune with your performance in order to stay ahead of the curve and in order to make decision which benefit your position.

Take note from a line recited by the rapper Curren$y: I like nice things and I know how to get them, hustle dumb ass, it’s not rocket science or quantum physics. If you want to be your own boss and be in charge of your own economy then you have to take charge and put in work. Do not complain about the economy, as to how it only works to the benefit of a few. Make your own economic drivers, provide great incentives and benefit from the fruits of your labor.
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