How to Prepare for the Year 2012

As 2011 can be defined as a year of ups and downs, 2012 is hoped to be a year of rebuilding. Many people’s hopes rest on 2012 being the year that begins the transition out of high unemployment and overwhelming debt towards new beginnings although that is seen as doubtful. The thing that I fear most about this hope is that people are waiting for things to change for the better rather than create their own opportunities for change. As I stated in previous writings times are shifting towards a more entrepreneurial mindset that enables innovative, forward thinking progression. This means many people must abandon the traditional structure of thinking and begin to embrace independent thinking outside of the structured thought of a dependent society.

The upcoming year will be the beginning era of the innovative thinker. During this era those who can produce forward thinking ideas that create opportunities and increased development will position themselves atop the competitive environment. The confirmation for this assertion can be seen and heard from various sources that all imply the process of this movement needs to come into fruition as soon as possible. The collective thought is that there needs to be a resurgence of creative thinkers that can enable the mobility of widespread productivity. It is feared thought that such efforts cannot be achieved in such uncertain times that thwart and limit the opportunities for successful development. I find this backwards because uncertainty should produce the ability to make imaginations and big thoughts a certainty when there is pretty nothing much else to lose. Does this not in a nutshell depict what entrepreneurship is about? So as we look forward to 2012, how exactly can you make finding success a reality?

The Guideline to Prepare for 2012.

1) Analyze the Past. While trying to plan and strategize it is important to analyze what occurred in the past. This is important because actions in the past can reveal what the future may hold . For instance what has occurred in the year 2011 that has shifted the marketplace and the way people interact and behave? Usually occurrences  and events can provide a glimpse as to what is to develop as time evolves and gives you the opportunity to capitalize on potential growth spots as they are being created.

2) Identify How Current Trends Originated. Trends are developed from people recognizing what other people will perceive to be worthwhile before it is actually acknowledged. This is about depicting how people react and connect emotionally with certain products and/or services that create great enthusiasm and following. What is it about these concepts that make people migrate to their presence? You must identify the mechanisms of such offerings and anticipate what can be further developed by the increased progression of people’s expectations.

3) Examine Human Behavior & Interaction.  The human psyche is very complex and diverse which makes it difficult to perceive what people will accept as important or worthwhile. As we move forward into the year 2012, instant and constant interaction provided by social media will make tracking human behavior easier but I would say increasingly deceiving. I say this because social media can create a false world for people to live within that does emulate people’s actual reality. This produces misconception as to what people want due to the inability to communicate sound and concise thought that is clouded by misguided realization. So in the coming year decipher what makes people react to do and participate in certain things and how their behavior and interaction illustrates how to create more efficiency in gaining the wanted attraction.

4) Identify Potential Openings for Opportunity. With so many people believing 2012 will be another dismal year you must take advantage of the pessimistic outlook. When people give into what is thought of as a lost situation usually endless opportunities are abound. This is because when many are seduced into a somewhat sleepy slumber of just trying to get by, changes are occurring behind the scenes that can significantly alter the way people operate in the future. Do not get caught up in the hype of continued downfall that plays into different people’s interest intensifying their own pursuit of opportunities. In this coming year you have to work hard and do a lot of research in order to capture substantial opportunities, you have to go over and beyond what the average person is willing to put forward to come out successful.

2012 will be a year that begins the stretch of were only the strongest survive. Take this guideline and implement it into your own plans in order to make yourself stronger and more capable in the coming year. Make sure to elevate your work ethic, competitive mindset and entrepreneurial ambitions and make this year the beginning of greatness.

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