Identifying the Entrepreneur in You

Entrepreneurship! It seems like almost everyone is in love with or fascinated by this choice of a career path. When thinking about becoming an entrepreneur yourself, you may wonder how does someone actually become an entrepreneur and excel as one? Great question to ask and I am more than happy to help you identify the entrepreneur in you.

Before we go any further though, you must truly understand what is an entrepreneur:

An entrepreneur is one who has an idea, devises actions around that idea and makes shit happen to see that idea come into fruition. Seems simple doesn’t it? It seems as though anyone can follow such a format but actually only a few can truly execute all of these necessary functions. *Very important to keep in mind

Now when it comes to you, you are in search of gaining access to entrepreneurship but are unsure of the exact way you should go about realizing this desire… Well today I am going to help you identify the entrepreneur in you.

A. Possess that Idea that Burns Deep Inside You. There is a burning idea about entrepreneurship that is eating away at you. Take control of this idea immediately! Too many people let this idea remain dormant or just die away because of the what ifs. Real entrepreneurs don’t identify with what if, they only acknowledge the what will be. When becoming an entrepreneur, you have to possess a mindset that takes control of the situation, rather than being passive and apprehensive.

B. Define the Actions which will make that Idea Attainable. One thing you must understand about being an entrepreneur is that everyone has an idea. The difference with entrepreneurs is they get shit done, and work their ass off to bring their idea into fruition. So you have this idea… cool. Now make it happen or forever hold on to an idea that goes unrealized. Actions = Accountability! That means you have actual substance being produced to gauge your progress and effort being put into place.

C. Determine Who will Need/ Want Your Idea. Entrepreneurs do not exist if they do not have consumers to service. That means if your idea cannot find open minds to accept it, then your entrepreneurial journey will immediately halt to a stop. Entrepreneurship is not solely about you. It is about helping provide solutions for people who want options to choose from within the marketplace. This is one of the most grueling, frustrating parts of the entrepreneurial process because your efforts can seem to be going unnoticed. A lot of assessment, going back to the drawing board and frequent networking with potential customers will be experienced.

D. Develop Your Risk Tolerance. You want to be an entrepreneur? Then you better learn how to deal with frustration, heartache and setbacks. At this very moment start minimizing your lifestyle so you can learn how to go without. You are going to have to invest so much in your business that your personal life may suffer in the process. Learn now how to deal with risk and uncertainty so it won’t come as a total shock to you when you are in the trenches of entrepreneurship.

After reading, do you think you want to bring your inner entrepreneur out of you? Hopefully you can say you do and are currently designing your path towards experiencing the world of entrepreneurship.

Have any comments or questions about entrepreneurship? Feel free to reply.

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