How To Incorporate Modern Internet Trends Into Your Startup



The internet is like a sea – vast, constantly shifting, and no one has a full understanding of what it contains. It’s true that with the ever increasing reliance on the internet for customer interaction, sales, and communication, the days of faxes and extended telephone communication are drawing to a heavy close.


Big business is using the internet to increase their market share, and you should too. In order to fully know that you’re using the internet in the best way to promote your startup, consult the following list, and if you’re missing any, consider implementing them.


Persistent Social Media Profiles


Having a solid and persistent social media profile on all of the major websites, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are excellent ways to increase the exposure your startup gets. In order to have a place where people can easily leave positive testimonials or reviews, a well maintained Facebook page can be perfect, and potentially even more lucrative than a website.


You are able to present the positive customers right under the description about what you do, as well as publicly respond in a professional way to those who are complaining about you. Even the worst review can be converted into positive exposure dependent on how you handle the situation. New customers will be more forgiving of a negative review if they see you’ve made a genuine attempt to fix the problem.


Twitter can be used for promotion, and Instagram can be used for promotion and also showing the philosophy of your brand. You can gain exposure by ‘sponsoring’ certain famous Instagram profiles if you’re not sure where to start. All of these should be implemented to give you the best start in the digital marketplace.


Messenger Support


Businesses are now transferring their support centers to Facebook’s Messenger service. This is a great way to allocate the support claims to certain staff and help them respond to it in a timely fashion. This could also save you some money hosting a live chat near you. The best way to implement this, or anything like it, is to use IT consulting for businesses.


Subscription Models


A growing and popular trend in the startup world is the ‘subscription model’ method of doing business. Instead of charging for your product or service for a one time use, encouraging your clients to subscribe to the service increases the potential return of their custom. It’s also a simpler way to manage customer accounts, help allocate special ‘rewards’ that loyal customers might receive, and have persistent profiles that help you search their support history.


No matter what you choose, there has never been a better resource to grow your business in an organic, cheap way than using the internet. It should be the real ‘headquarters’ of your business these days. Used correctly, your interactivity with clients, your responsiveness to queries and your ability to self-promote has never been better.


Just be sure that you allocate the correct amount in your IT investments. Every dollar you put in here is thoroughly justified.


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