Is Gerard Adams the next Tony Robbins?


The opportunities that come with entrepreneurship are truly amazing. One year you can be working a dead-end job and dreaming of securing financial freedoms. A year later you can be a thriving entrepreneur who is earning six figures or more due to following your dreams of entrepreneurship.

The transformation of lifestyle permitted by entrepreneurship isn’t something that can be wished for and it magically happens. Unfortunately too many aspiring entrepreneurs believe this is how entrepreneurship works. They are then proven wrong when their wishful thinking doesn’t translate into a successful business.

Along with a belief in one’s self, hard work goes into becoming a successful entrepreneur. When an opportunistic mindset and strong work ethic are combined together, you can produce results beyond the expectations you had previously set for yourself.

Just ask Millennial Mentor Gerard Adams about the financial rewards and opportunities entrepreneurship can produce. Gerard is on fire right now due to his hard work as an entrepreneur. From co-founding and selling Elite Daily for $50 million, being a TEDx and Harvard speaker, and being mentored by Tony Robbins, Gerard is in the midst of becoming a majority authority figure within the entrepreneurial world.

But being a successful entrepreneur isn’t enough for Gerard. He is positioning himself as a leader among millennial entrepreneurs.

“I was looking for a millennial leader who I could look up to but couldn’t find any,” said Gerard. “I knew I needed to step up to become that leader so I could show other millennials how to succeed as entrepreneurs.”

Earning the label as the Millennial Mentor, Gerard is focused on ensuring millennial entrepreneurs have the necessary tools and resources that are needed to succeed. He is dedicated to leading an entrepreneurial revolution that changes communities around the world, in many ways following in the footsteps of long-time mentor Tony Robbins.

It was a long process and a lot of lessons learned in order to create the ability to make this goal a reasonable possibility. Gerard had to build himself from the ground up to become the man he is today.

How Entrepreneurship Started

Gerard didn’t grow up privileged to have everything handed to him. Hard work was instilled in him from a very young age. Watching his parents work extremely hard every single day to provide the basics for he and his sister shaped Gerard’s entrepreneurial mindset.

“My mother worked seven days a week and my father worked long hours so they could provide for us,” said Gerard. “Seeing that happen, I knew I didn’t want the same for myself. Making money became my main objective.”

Being infected by the entrepreneurial bug, Gerard was on a mission to build a business that would secure his financial freedom. Possessing the ability to create content that helped businesses sell their products and services, Gerard created a marketing business and got to work building his audience and soliciting customers.

“I would spam message boards for hours to drive people to my website,” said Gerard. “When I built up my audience, I went after securing customers. I would print thousands of pages that had business’s contact information. I would call the CEO’s, email then, and fax over my information until someone gave me a chance to prove myself. I knew that if I could just get one, I could build from there by providing great value.”

Gerard hustled day and night to build his business — losing relationships in the process because people didn’t understand his focus on making money. This obsession enabled him to develop a multi-million dollar marketing company by the age of 24.

“My first contract was for $700,” said Gerard. “From there the contract amounts kept increasing all the way up to six figures because I was obsessed with improving my performance in order to deliver value to my customers.”

Losing it all to Rebuild Towards a Different Path

The one thing you learn as an entrepreneur is nothing is ever guaranteed. Gerard found this out when he lost it all due to the global financial crisis that happened during 2008. Imagine having millions of dollars and losing it all. That’s like a slap in the face considering all the hard work you did to accumulate that money.

Not willing to allow a drastic setback to become the deciding factor for his entrepreneurial journey, Gerard set out to rebuild his wealth. He cofounded Elite Daily with David Arabov and Jon Francis, who were originally supposed to be his interns. The website would go on to be an online destination for millennials. This led to the media company being acquired for $50 million cash.

Having millions back in the bank would be an over joyous moment for most, but having money again wasn’t fulfilling to Gerard — he needed a new purpose.

“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure,” said Gerard, with a nod towards mentor Tony Robbins. “This is my favorite quote and something I wanted to live by.”

After meeting with some influential people and sharing his story, Gerard was told he needed to share his story. He was also told Tony Robbins was the man he specifically needed to see. He was given tickets to a summit Tony Robbins was having called Unleash the Power Within. He was blown away by what he witnessed.

“I saw this guy literally transforming lives before my eyes,” said Gerard. “He was pulling emotions hidden deep down in my sister I never knew anything about. This is someone I knew her whole life and we were very close.”

That moment transformed how Gerard viewed his mission in life, and he set out to turn a new dream into a reality.

The Show Leader for Millennials

Gerard set out to become the Show Leader for millennials, pursuing the path towards entrepreneurship. He didn’t want to just tell people how to do something as a thought leader would, he needed to show.

“I had a story and lessons to share with other millennial entrepreneurs,” said Gerard. “They needed to be shown there was somebody just like them, who created success from nothing but an idea and a desire to succeed no matter what.”

Wanting to get back to his roots, Gerard decided to put a social-impact startup accelerator in his hometown Newark, New Jersey. The startup accelerator is called Fownders, and its purpose is to bring the resources needed to develop entrepreneurship to people who wouldn’t have such access otherwise.

Due to the success of Fownders in Newark, Gerard plans to expand nationally, bringing hs accelerator to inner-cities all throughout the U.S. While doing this, he is determined to become the Show Leader who teaches entrepreneurs how to create a lifestyle of fulfilment and success.

“My ultimate goal is to inspire and mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs!”



  1. I think it will be difficult for anyone to find themselves where Tony Robbins is today. Tony Robbins made himself at a time where there wasn’t as much noise in the market. Today, everyone and anyone is an entrepreneurial, millennial mindset speaker talking about taking over the world and dropping the 9-5. It’s very, very hard to get noticed and although Gerard is popular, Tony Robbins is still several light years away in terms of popularity!

    November 14, 2016
    • Yura said:

      Very true. The competition is fierce as everyone wants to be known as an expert. Social media has intensified this competition with everyone posting their thoughts, opinions, and success every second. The constant updates make it very hard to be recognized. You pretty much have to dominate your target market’s attention, which is very hard to do, though not entirely impossible.

      I appreciate the comment.

      November 29, 2016

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