Is the Recession Causing You Depression?

If you have been watching the news lately and listening to different indications on where the economy is, you can most likely come to one conclusion. It sucks! And it is sucking the enjoyment of life right out of many people. The Great Recession happened almost four years ago but what must be remembered is that it was a disaster in the making that developed over a long period of time. The joyous period prior to our current status seems to be over for most and now the realization of “what next” begins to resonate. What usually happens when people have the time to pity in their woes is depression, better known as the inability to move forward.

If anything, The Great Recession taught us that the party has to eventually end. That hangover can be something serious though and sobering up can be harder than once believed to be. To make matters worse the reality of the situation continues to remain so because the extreme of the high has created a severely deep low that is hard to climb out of. The situation at hand presents two directions for you to walk within. Either lay down and get stepped on or move beyond the circumstances and produce beneficial solutions. Do not walk around having a pity party for yourself because the results produced from such actions creates nothing but poisonous thoughts that corrupt your productivity in life.

Here are 3 steps that will help you move past the depression of the recession:

       I.  Acknowledge the Recession. Yes, I know you know we are in a recession but do you understand why we are in it to begin with? Once you acknowledge why the past affects the present you can begin to move forward towards building your future. For instance, we got into this recession because of credit, greed, false promises and speculation. These combination of things is what brought the house of cards down and have you trying to reshuffle the deck. It is important for you to acknowledge this because you must understand how the system in place operates in order to work around its deceptions. Once the understanding process takes place you begin to realize that only you are in control of you; no one else holds that distinction unless you allow them to do so.

    II. Identify What Opportunities Await to be Uncovered. When a recession is in occurrence that usually means the system in place is broken. And when the system in place is broken that means openings exist ready to be discovered for development. Recessions cause problems for people, which means they are desperately seeking solutions in order to escape their troubles. One of the best ways to overcome your own problems is to focus on solving the problems of others. Doing so helps you to realize that almost any issue can resolved as long as there is a true intent on correcting it. This recession has exposed the weaknesses of many in place to serve and wield influence. Exploit those deficiencies for your gain and create opportunities where others see dead-ends.

 III. Challenge Yourself to Win No Matter What. It is easy to give up when things seem lost and hard to keep going when you are tired of seeing losing results. The great thing about losing though is that it helps you to appreciate the feeling of touching success. I am pretty sure you suffered some setbacks due to this recession but you cannot let those impediments defeat you. This down period is nothing more than a test to see which people are the toughest and most resilient. Right now is the time to position yourself for the fruits of your tireless labor which can only be seen into fruition by challenging yourself to continue. People that are determined to prosper keep their eye on the prize no matter what obstacles present themselves. Who cares what the so-called financial and economic experts say, it is jus their hyped opinion. You have to be hungry to win and posses a starving mentality along your journey. It is time to win, failure is not an option for those of us who chose to fight no matter how difficult the challenge.

It is easy to get rattled by this terrible economy but it is all just a matter of timing. While things take time to sort out, take hold of your own time and strongly proceed ahead. Feeling depressed about what is occurring is just a strain on your mental and emotional stability. Do not let the recession strangle the will to fight out of you; instead beat the opportunities out of it that hide within the problems it produces.

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