Jobseeker Errors: Any Of These Sound Familiar?



Whether you are unemployed or in a job you’re looking to progress from, the job hunt is never an easy thing to deal with. You’re faced with a world full of competition, desperate to stand out from the crowd, wanting to impress anyone who might be able to make you an offer.


If you have been going at it for awhile and still haven’t found what you’re looking for, don’t be disheartened. Instead of feeling melancholy and resigning yourself to staying in your current situation until the end of days, use it as a motivator to try and identify what might be going wrong.


On the whole, jobseekers have a habit of making the same kind of errors in their applications. So if any of these sound familiar, this might be one area you want to focus on tweaking.

Do You… Apply For Jobs You’re Not Qualified For?


Doing this occasionally is fine, so long as you explain in the cover letter why you think you’d be suitable. Sometimes, experience is worth considering even if you don’t have formal qualifications.


However, most of the time, there’s little to be gained from applying for jobs that you don’t have specific qualifications or expertise for. The reason that the company listed those requirements is because they need them. Focus more on applying for jobs you know you’re a good fit for, rather than ones you think you might be.


Do You… Have Your Resumé In Fine Form?


Your CV/resumé is an advertisement, and the product on sale is you. If it’s not as good as it possibly can be, then you need to work on it. The likes of Purple CV can help you put together a resumé that is going to include the information employers want to read, rather than what you assume they want to know. Given that interviews are offered based off of CVs, this is one area you really can’t neglect.


Do You… Make Each Application Unique?


If you have a standard cover letter or application that you have used time and again, prospective employers can tell. Employers want people who will put the time into researching their company and tailoring their CV and cover letter to take individual company factors into account. Applying for a job shouldn’t be a quick process of just sending off the paperwork you already have; it should be detailed each and every time. Do the background work and make sure you reference it naturally somewhere in the application; it’ll be worth it.


Do You… Show A Rounded Picture?


Most employers don’t want to employ mindless bots; they want people. If your application is dull and dry – or spends too much time talking yourself up to the point of arrogance – then it’s going to be passed over. You don’t have to be cracking jokes, but showing a sense of humor and a touch of humanity in an application can go a long way. At the very least, it’ll make you stand out – and that’s half the battle.

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