Keeping the Momentum Going

So 2015 has come along and with this ushering in of a new year comes the pledge of becoming a changed person for many people. This year you proclaim you are supposed to be more successful, more ambitious; basically a greatly improved version of yourself. The problem that exists with such claims though is that they tend to fade away after a given amount of time. This is because change is hard when you are used to a certain way of living, behaving and thinking.

Knowing this you might be already having a hard time keeping the momentum of your proclaimed change going. So keeping the momentum of change going…how is this accomplished?

First and foremost, you have to let go of the deadweight from the previous year(s). Too many people come into the new year thinking that they can turn deadweight into something that functions successfully. Wrong! This doesn’t work within the aspect of self-improvement because negative people, negative actions and negative environments are very hard to change for the positive. And while you continue to try to change this reality, nothing occurs but you continually being dragged down, defeating your positive efforts.

Being in such a scenario keeps you unfocused, never concentrating on future aspirations. Instead you make your past your present and inevitably your past becomes your future. As I always say: Let the bullshit go! If it is not elevating you then it is only keeping you in a position of lack, always wishing for different circumstances. But how can you wish for such change when you keep yourself surrounded by what consistently holds you back?

As you move forward within your progress for change, immerse yourself in the change you desire to be produced. Surround yourself with nothing but successful people. Read books, blogs and affirmations that preach about success and how to achieve success. Make all your actions centered around self-improvement and producing success. Success has to become more than a thought, you have to make it a way of life. Once that type of thinking and behavior sets in, your obsession with achieving success becomes intensified.

Remember as humans, we are creatures of habit. That means whatever occupies our habits is what produces the life in which we live. Your given life after you become an adult is a result of your actions, choices and way of thinking. Don’t just talk about viewing this new year as an opportunity to create a new you. Make it come into fruition by stopping all the talking and just doing it! Lets make it a successful year full of self-improvement and being focused on chasing entrepreneurial ambitions.

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