How To Lead the Charge on a Job Hunt

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At one point or another, we all have to go through the process of finding a new job. And you are probably all only too aware just how frustrating it can be. However, there are a few ways that you can make the process more streamlined and increase your odds of finding the sort of job that fits all your requirements. Here are just a few of the ways of doing this.

Find the Best Job Listings


The internet has provided so many new platforms and opportunities to find new jobs. However, you need to make sure you are looking in the right place to begin with. Depending on the type of career you are looking for, there will be some places that are better than others. Whether you are looking for a construction job vacancy or one in marketing, you need to do some research to find out where the top jobs in that sector are listed. Working with a recruiter is another way to maximise your chances of securing a job quickly.


Build Your Own Professional Brand


Since the majority of job searching is now done online, it makes sense to build your professional brand through websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Linking these account to any applications that you submit can be a great demonstration of how much you care about your own professional image. Today’s world is built all around branding so it is a good idea to start building a strong one for yourself.


Connect With Contacts


A job search is made all the simpler if you have a network of contacts that you can get in touch with. They may know of some opportunities that are coming up, or be able to vouch for you at their current company. Networking can open so many doors that previously seemed closed off, so this should be something that you strive to do throughout your entire career.


Target Your Resume and Cover Letter


Too many candidates fall down because they don’t have a resume and cover letter that is targeted to the firm that they are applying for. Showing that you have taken that extra bit of effort and attention to detail to specifically reference the company and the job specification can really make you stand out from the crowd. Generic resumes and cover letters can be spotted a mile off and you are less likely to grab the attention of the recruitment manager.


Prepare For the Interview


There will be plenty of advice online about some of the best ways to prepare for an interview, but you should obviously make sure you do plenty of research on the company before arriving. As well as this, you should dress appropriately, answer questions directly and always be looking for ways to link answers back to your specific skills and expertise. Though you can never be 100 percent sure of what will be asked, you can have prepared for some generic questions with strong answers.

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