Leadership Part I


This is a very important topic to me because I have been on both ends with the issue. As an employee I have witnessed the failures incurred from lacking leadership. As a business owner myself, I am enduring the hardships that come with being an inexperienced leader. The position of a leader is a hard role to fill but one that should be undertaken with great appreciation and awareness.

Leadership is the ability to guide people within a given structure to a mandated goal within your means of resources. Leadership should be a fundamental asset within any business whether big or small. With that being said, leadership has become an increasingly rare trait within many businesses operating today. From corporations to small businesses there have been very few examples today of how a true leader guides their business to success. Many people within high positions of their company let social status and egotistical nature corrupt their purpose and dilute their capability. This cannot happen as a leader because your behavior transcends the environment of your company to the attentive eyes of the public domain. Once the public witnesses the weakness within your infrastructure it becomes a liability to the stability of your governance. This produces a contradiction to reality when you exclaim the successes your company is acquiring due to a productive business atmosphere. Success is not just measured by high sales volume but rather a mixture of business concepts that help in the development of business. The lack of leadership will eventually desecrate the entire infrastructure of the business environment both internally and externally.

An in-depth analysis of leadership will be provided to discuss the current state of leadership, check back regularly for update.

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