How Learning a Second Language Can Help Your Career

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Would you like a better memory? A bigger brain? Or perhaps an increased concentration span? Well then we might have just the ticket. Recent research has just revealed that learning a second language can actually provide us with amazing health benefits. All these benefits just so happen to be extremely relevant in the world of business. So learning a second language would not only make your CV look much more impressive it could also make you a much more impressive employee and can help set you up on the path to success in business. Here’s how it can do that and much, much more.

Better Decision Making Skills


Recent research has revealed that language learning can make you more intelligent, can help to keep your brain young and can also improve your decision making skills. This new research from the University of Chicago has revealed that people who speak more than one language are much more able to pick up subtleties and nuances in a wide range of situations.

Apparently multilingual people have an increased ability to be able to appreciate the complexities of a situation which can lead to more rational decision making and improved organisation in life.


Improved Memory


Taking that research further, they went on to point out that learning a second language can help people to improve their memory. Carrying out studies on both bilingual and monolingual (those that only speak one language) adults and children, they found that the bilingual individuals performed significantly better on tasks that required working memory. This brought about the conclusion that learning a language contributes to a more efficient working memory system.


Increased Attention Span


Learning and speaking a second language also helps people to focus and deal with distractions. Foreigners reading an effortless English article once or twice a week, or spending a couple of hours a week speaking with a native speaker for a couple of hours a week, will not only contribute significantly to a building up a grasp of the language but will also provide them with a stronger attention span to boot. So just spending a couple of hours a week learning another language has been revealed as enough to make an impact on your attention span and your ability to ignore distractions.


Improved Multi-Tasking Ability


Being able to multitask is a problem many of us suffer from. However another recent study has found that learning a second language can help people to focus their attention, disregard distractions and are able to switch between, and juggle, various tasks much more easily.


Better Cognitive Function


People that speak more than one language have also been found to enjoy a higher level of cognitive functioning than monolinguals. Bilingual people apparently score much higher on tests of verbal fluency, intelligence and reading, all of which point towards very healthy cognitive abilities.


So for anyone struggling with any of the above areas at work, being easily distracted, weak memory, lack of ability to multi-task or bad decision making skills, perhaps learning a new language could be just what you need to improve your efficiency at work and to boost your career.

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