Make Decisions Like a Great Leader (Guest Post)

Feedback is the breakfast of champions - feedback
As an entrepreneur or a team leader, the amount of decisions you make is enormous. From who to hire, to which are the most important e-mails to answer right away; each decision carries a great weight on you company. It makes sense to maximize your chances to make the right one.
Mark Zuckerberg wears the same clothes every day so he can limit the time he spends making “frivolous” decisions so he can concentrate on real work. Both Steve Jobs and President Obama have a similar view on everyday decisions, and that makes sense. When you run a big company (or a country), you want to focus all your time on decisions that matter.

If you can figure out what are the key decisions, you can concentrate on making sure your business is growing and you are doing the right thing.

Listen to others

When making decisions, it’s vital to get as much information as possible. There are so many factors that can influence any business, so you can never know for sure what’s going to happen. However, you can and should give yourself the best odds possible.
One of the best sources for information is your own team. To make right decisions it’s useful to listen to their opinion. They know you well, they know the work you’re doing and they can give you a different perspective from your own. As Kenneth H Blanchard has said: “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

However, an entrepreneur can’t spend his day chatting with coworkers. That’s why every company needs a good internal communication system where information flows both ways quickly from top to bottom. In addition to helping with decision-making, modern communication tools like Weekdone help you to build better, stronger teams and with that, a stronger business.

You get a lot from internal communications. Good internal communications:
• increase the likelihood of workers being engaged 4.5 times;
• reduce employee turnover by 20%
• improve shareholder’s returns 47%

Nowadays good internal communications mean online collaboration and feedback tools.

Communication tools

The good thing about online tools is, that they take very little time and allow you to see what needs your attention. It also let’s employees notify you about any problems with their work that might affect the company.

Online file storage and collaboration services have many positive effects. 62% of corporations using them say they increase productivity. This is supported by the fact that 82% of white-collar workers feel they need a partner to collaborate with to get any work done.
These tools also make employees happier.

Weekly feedback

Weekly progress and status reports help you stay on top of the information flow. Haven’t you ever wondered how good it is to know that everything is working correctly and there are no big imminent problems? Well, when your team gives you feedback every week, then you’ll know. We have written before, how to get the maximum out of your employee feedback, and with those tricks your life will be a lot easier.

Enough information for the right decisions

As we can see, in addition to helping you with your decision-making process, internal communication tools have many positive side effects for your business. It’s frankly foolish not to use them.

If you save yourself from trivial decisions and make sure you have the right information, you can be as sure as it gets, that what you do, is best for your company and best for you.

Alexander Maasik is a communication specialist and content creator working
at Weekdone – weekly employee progress reports. He has a strong passion
for leadership, internal communications and online collaboration.

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