What Makes An Office An Office?

It might seem like something of a strange question, but as it happens it is possible that your office is not really up to scratch. You can often tell this is the case if you have a workforce who seem to be a little down most of the time. If the workload has started failing and people are complaining, then it might be that you need to focus a little on making the office a better place to work. This is something all entrepreneurs have to think about at some point, and for many businesses it will often remain an ongoing issue. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the main areas which you will need to consider to ensure that your office is as perfect as possible for the work it is meant for.


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First of all, you might be surprised at what a difference location can make to how people feel about the place. You want somewhere which is relatively central in your local area, but not so much that it is dwarfed by larger companies, especially competing companies. Finding somewhere good also means that you need to think about your colleagues’ commute. Try to make it as fair as possible for everyone, and this will make a huge difference in terms of keeping people happy at work.

Of course, you only have one chance to find a good location, so you should be sure to make the most of it when that opportunity arises. If you ever feel the need to change the location of your office, then you might be able to do just that – but be prepared for a sense of great upheaval within the company around that time. It is extremely unlikely that your business will not be affected by such a turn of events, so you need to make sure that you are first in a good and strong enough position to be able to handle it. You will also do well to give your colleagues as much warning as possible – don’t rush them into a move, or you will find that they do not appreciate it all that much.


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There are certain ways in which you as an employer have a duty to your employees. One of the most important examples of this is the safety and security of your people as they work. You need to ensure that you are doing everything in your power to keep your employees as safe at work as they can possibly be, and that means having a constant focus on these issues and taking it very seriously indeed.


Achieving safety in the office is actually relatively straightforward, so long as you are aware of how to focus on it and make it work. Above all, you want to ensure that you have some kind of a security system in place. How developed this is is up to you, but you should at least have a security team watching over the building when nobody is there, otherwise it might mean that you are leaving your building open to potential attack from outsiders. Also ensure that you issue your employees with an ID badge each, as this way nobody from outside can get in without it. You should also endeavor to keep your staff themselves trained up on security matters, as placing the power in their hands in this way is often the very best way to make sure that it is taken seriously.


As long as you are keeping your people safe, it is much more likely that you will get plenty of good work out of them, and the atmosphere in the office is likely to be much improved as well. Make sure this is a priority, no matter what else you might need to do.


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There are certain proven things which can have a profound effect on how well or how badly someone works. One particularly interesting one is temperature, which can easily have a distinct impact on workload completion in any office. Yet, it is so rarely looked into in any serious way. If you want to make the most of your staff and make the office as productive as possible, you need to look at least a little at the temperature control in the office.


Too hot, and nobody will be able to concentrate well on their work, and will even become angrier towards each other and more stressed generally. Too cold, and the comfort levels in the office go right down. So you obviously want a decent temperature throughout, and no matter what time of year it is. To ensure that you are able to achieve this, you might want to think about using a thermal conductivity converter in order to ensure that the building is actually made out of material which is likely to help you here. Beyond that, it is a case of installing temperature control which you can actually rely on, even if this happens to cost you some money. It is likely to be money well spent as long as it means that everyone is happier and produces more work on a daily basis. In fact, from that point of view, it might save you some money.

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Temperature is really just one part of a larger issue, however: the issue of comfort. You want your employees to be as comfortable as possible in the office, as this ensures that they make the most of it and get much more done. There are many simple and advanced steps you can take to achieve this, and generally it won’t cost you very much or take up much time to achieve these tasks. For example, you might want to look at the layout of the office and see if you could create a little more space. The more personal space everyone has, the more likely it is that they will feel relaxed at work. You should also not be afraid to treat your staff to comfortable furniture, as this will make a huge difference to how well they work as well.

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