Marketing To Millennials

Millennials — otherwise known as Generation Y — are the “go to” demographic for modern businesses. Youth is prized highly by companies who want to sell to the demographic with disposable income and impulse-buying tendencies.


Capturing this demographic’s attention is rather difficult though, especially if you’re from a different generation. With the attention of consumers more distracted than ever before, how can you zero your marketing in on this most elusive of generations?


Believability Over Slick Presentations


Millennials are a generation who put a lot of stock into authenticity, as discussed in this article:  They are more ad-aware than any generation before them — so be as honest as you can possibly be when it comes to advertising your company. It doesn’t matter how slick you can make your ads; if they read as insincere, then millennials aren’t going to be interested. Don’t over-exaggerate claims of your product and service. Just keep it simple and honest, and you should be able to capture millennial attention.


Video Has Killed The Text-Ad Star

If you want to reach out to millennials, then you’re going to have to focus on video marketing with the likes of Millennials tend to consume a higher amount of their information from video than from text, which is why so many content businesses are choosing to pivot to video. If you’re going to capture the Generation Y eye, then video marketing is a must for your company.


Eco Credentials


Millennials care more about the environment than previous generations. They have grown up absorbing climate change messages, which means they are discerning about the companies they engage with. They are more likely to care about whether products are tested on animals, and they will scrutinize any claims you make about your energy efficiency or how you source materials. Be as eco-friendly as you can be and broadcast your eco-credentials to grab millennial attention.


Influencers Over Celebrities


Millennials have a tendency to prefer social media influencers over big-name celebrities; they prefer and trust bloggers over magazines. This is hugely beneficial to you as a business owner. It’s far more affordable to partner with an influencer than it is to take out a full-page ad in a conventional magazine or newspaper. Look for an influencer who appeals to your target demographic and go from there; Instagram is particularly popular for millennial influencers.


In Conclusion


To an extent, with millennials, you have to throw out the old marketing playbook. They’re too wise to it; too judgmental; and don’t trust the same sources of information as the generations before them do. If you want to appeal to this demographic, then you can hugely limit the amount you spend on ‘conventional’ marketing, and instead focus on the areas that millennials will actually pay attention to: video, influencers, and authentic eco-friendly credentials behind the business.


With time, effort, and potentially a few changes to how you do business, you can ensure that your marketing efforts manage to capture millennials — and see your business profit as a result.

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