Maximizing Your Meetings Infograph

Busy, busy, busy! As entrepreneurs and professionals we love to be busy because we equate that to being productive and working towards success. And what better way to show you are busy then by being in back to back meetings. Multiple meetings every week or everyday means we are putting our face in front of potential buyers and decision makers. So we want to make sure we are involved in as many meetings as possible. Who wouldn’t want to be busy meeting new people? Is it a bad thing to be meeting people frequently and spreading the message about your business and the value you and your business bring?

Definitely not but are you using your time in meetings effectively? When we meet we want to cover as much ground as possible, but what needs to be of concern is getting to the most important topics which need immediate attention and solution. This means not wasting valuable time on things which are not important and lingering on and on for the sake of it. Know what needs to be discussed and be precise with the time allocated towards the meeting. Once again the great people over at Pulp PR have sent me over an infograph that explains just how you can achieve effectiveness in every meeting you participate in. Take a look at the infograph, use it to your advantage and visit the creators of this valuable information at


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