The Mistakes People Make When They Set Up A Salon Business

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For many people, setting up their own business is a sign of being really good at their job. However, being an excellent stylist or beauty specialist doesn’t necessarily translate to a brilliant business, and here’s why.


Your Location Isn’t Right

A business is all about that one important word, marketing. And with all the best marketing in the world, if you don’t have a place that people can access on foot, you can kiss goodbye to huge amounts of customers. Foot traffic is a vital component of setting up any beauty business, and people need to see inside if their interest is piqued. You can also appeal to more people passing by when compared to something like an online business. Online, people will, for the most part, go where they want to go to buy something, and it’s not as personal as a physical setup. If your location isn’t in the middle of a busy city center, you will lose a lot of potential custom.

You Don’t Have All The Right Tools

From the tech to the staff, you need to have everything in place before you kick off the business. The best way to prepare is to do your research. Don’t forget that a really high number of startup companies fail within the first year. Do you want to be part of that? So do your research, and find out what’s already in your local area. Figure out ways to set yourself apart from everyone else. And a great business is based on a great structure. Learning how to run a business properly can be done before you’ve opened up the store, making sure there’s some great tech in place to make payment processes easier, making booking appointments a cinch, and integrating a feedback system into one place so you can improve on your customer service are all vital things. Make the most of the best salon software available to you and integrate it into a structure that is efficient. Your tech cannot be underestimated in this respect, especially when people have supremely advanced systems on their phones. You need to make yourself accessible in all ways, from your website to your email contact and phone, and everything else in between.


Do You Have What It Takes?

The difference between working for someone doing a job you love and running a business that specializes in what you love are two completely different things. As a boss, you have to deal with every problem that comes your way, be it employee issues, customer queries, lack of supplies, and anything else that comes to mind. Problem-solving is a big part of being a leader, and although it can be stressful and tasking, you may find that you take to it like a duck to water. But before you quit your job, make sure you do your research and get an all-round perspective of what it is like to run a salon. Shadow someone, speak to salon entrepreneurs or book onto a salon management course. If you’re after a new challenge, this is the way forward for you!


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