Mobile Business Ideas for Eager Entrepreneurs

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If you’ve decided that the life of an entrepreneur is the life for you, and you’re looking for ideas that will be able to make you lots of money, while being fairly simple and inexpensive to set up, consider the mobile business.


With little more than a good idea and an affordable used truck from you could start earning a decent living working for yourself on your own terms. Sound good? Here are some mobile business ideas you might want to consider:


Street Food Truck


The great thing about running a street food truck is that, once you have a suitable truck, your costs will be very low. You’ll only have to order in the basic ingredients to make your dishes and enough fuel to cook them and run your van. For a startup, this is a dream situation, especially when you consider the fact that good street food is really popular and very easy to sell right now.

Junk Clearance


Minimalism, and living with less stuff is very popular at the moment, and that means that there is a significant opportunity for entrepreneurs to set up their own mobile dump truck business. You can start such a business by doing little more than printing up flyers and posting on social media. Once the word is out, you’ll have people contacting you about clearing out their homes left, right and center.


Delivery Firm


The increase in popularity of internet shopping has widened the demand for goods being delivered to the home and opened up the market for self-starters to set up their own local delivery businesses. Get a truck and then offer to pick up and deliver products from local malls, markets and grocery stores. By offering convenience, you will be able to build a strong business.


Driving School


If you have a truck, then you could teach other drivers how to handle a truck, so that they can get work as a truck driver. You can find out how to be a driving instructor at, and you will need to do this before you can set up. Once you’re making money, you can buy more vehicles and start building a profitable driving school in your area.


Removal Company


You can make a decent living as a removal man, using your van to transport other people’s stuff from one place to the next. If you have several trucks, you can make even more money and branch out across the country. If you love being on the road, it’s a great way to earn a living and build a successful business.


Mobile Pet Grooming


As a country, we love our cats and dogs. We spend a lot of time pampering and preening them, as I’m sure you will know. So, if you’re looking for a lucrative mobile business idea, why not consider mobile pet grooming? Sure, you’ll need a few basic tools in addition to your truck, but you’ll get to spend your days surrounded by dogs and cats, and you’ll be able to work from anywhere you please!


Do you run a mobile business? What is it you do?

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