Why Motivation & Productivity Go Hand In Hand



One of the hardest things to get right in business is employee motivation. Unless you’re a skilled communicator that’s experienced in encouraging motivation, it can be difficult to get used to. But, if you run your own business, you’re going to want to either work on getting in right or hire a specialist that can. Because motivation goes hand in hand with productivity. When your staff is motivated, not only do you have a better chance at keeping them, but you’ll also find your business productivity levels increase – regardless of the market you’re in.

Set Targets


Targets really work. Not only do they give your staff something to work towards, but you also need them for your business projections. Motivating your staff with goal setting can seem a little stiff, but when you notice an increase in numbers, you’ll wish you started earlier. Not only should these goals feed into the company objectives, but they should be easily measurable and honored with rewards when met.


Provide Benefits


In order for your staff to want to do something, you’re going to need to make sure that reward is worth it. Whether it’s financial or a bit of a bonus, you need to be able to provide motivational benefits if you want those productivity levels to soar. It’s only human nature for people to wonder, what’s in it for me? So, you need to be able to show your staff that it’s in their own benefit to perform well – and no, it being part of the job doesn’t always cut it! That’s when your staff turnover can start to creep up again.


Focus On The Atmosphere


Aside from providing a tangible form of motivation to your staff, you should work on offering a very subtle one too. Your working environment plays a bit part of how your staff feels at work. Say you’re based in an office, you need to ensure that the atmosphere is not only pleasant and comforting but motivating too. Encouraging productivity can happen with things like music, temperature, and layout, but be careful not to create an atmosphere that could be too distracting.


Track Results


When you’re trying to boost productivity, you need to be able to track results so that you can see what works and what doesn’t. In that same office environment, you may find that charts are helpful because numbers often speak for themselves. Out in the field, numbers are also useful, but you might also notice that the benefits of GPS tracking for your fleet or timescales for building work can help you to check on progress too.


Encourage Communication


Above all else, you need to be able to encourage open communication between yourself, your staff and your management. If your employees are demotivated, you need to know why. But, it’s also useful to get their feedback on your motivational methods to see how they feel things are going. That way, you can readjust any areas that need work and look to iron out and productivity issues.

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