You Need To Nail More Than Nails To Succeed In Construction

When it comes to construction, being able to run an effective site and end up with the results the client wants is obviously the most important part of the job. But it’s not the only part of the job. When you want to move from construction work to running or managing a crew, you have to take on a few responsibilities on top of that.




Moving from part of a team to head of the team is a daunting step for some. Natural leadership is only part of the equation, as well. The crew has to run like a machine. You have to know where people and their efforts are, where equipment is, what the schedule is, and how well you stick to it. Tracking efficiency and productivity through apps like  can help you improve the profitability of just about any job.


Naturally, you should have an idea of the profitability of a job before you take it on. It’s an important part of being able to decide which work you take and which you reject. Accurate cost counting and estimate providing are good for more than just you. Being able to offer transparent and standardized costs to clients is going to help build a lot of trust in the crew. Pinpointing costs also allows you to be more flexible in cutting and adding as the changes to the budget allow or demand.


Project planning and consulting

You can get a lot more work by being more involved at the ground floor, as well. Having the ability to give advice based on topography and geography through data available at places like can improve your range of services. You can help not only build on the site but help the client find the right site for them. Similarly, getting trained and involved in floor plan design gives you yet another service to offer.



You can also offer a much more flexible service within the project itself. Knowing when to look outside your own crew can help you do a broader range of work. For instance, you can hire machine equipment instead of buying to lower the costs for tasks you don’t do as often. Similarly, outsourcing certain jobs to subcontractors allows you more flexibility in what jobs you can accept. You just have to make sure you have those contacts ready to go before you agree to do the work.



Your liability where your team’s safety is concerned cannot be ignored. Everyone is responsible for maintaining the safety of a work site, but you’re responsible for making sure that’s possible. Get them in the know through courses available from places like and make sure you always stay up to date on new regulations and the state of your safety equipment and practices.

When running a construction crew, you are responsible not only for your crew and the job you do but often helping the clients find the information they need on their project. It’s a demanding job, but can be hugely lucrative once you get it right.

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