New Years Resillusion


As with any New Year, one exclaims to the masses to be headed towards brighter times and a prosperous year. I to can be accounted towards this mass group of people who proclaim to be creating a grand scheme that will transpire during the tenure of the New Year. The event of the year becoming new creates an illusion for people that enables them to believe that their life to is being transitioned into something new. The actual reality though is that while the year changes, most people do not. Created habits that were developed through consistent repetition are hard to caste away within a day or week which is the unrealistic goal of many people. Also the act of the resolution itself seems to be something that is not generally thought to be lived up to, just celebratory words. People tend to develop a heightened sense of their self during the first week of January or throughout the entire month of January. But once the year finally settles in and the difficulty of holding steadfast to their charted destination becomes too great, the once great new life reverts back to a person’s old standard.

When you make a New Year’s resolution do not mistakenly make a resillusion. As defined an illusion is something, such as a fantastic plan or desire that causes an erroneous belief or perception. When you create an unbelievable or too grand plan for the upcoming year, you hold yourself to an enormous standard that is too high and too wide for you to attain. People unknowingly place their goals within a false mind frame and soon awake to the reality or perception that they were wrong in their preconceived notions. It is hard to walk 5 miles when you cannot jog half a mile, so how can you be a homeowner or entrepreneur when you operate within the mind frame of inconsistency. It is unreal to expect something for nothing which means expecting to lose weight or earn more money is impossible to do if you have not trained yourself consistently to reach the final plateau. Overreaching by wanting the final plateau to be attained within a few weeks or few months disables you from reasonably structuring your wanted goals. There must be a balancing of reality and foreseen vision that drives you to see to it that your goals are actually accomplished. There is nothing worse to someone’s self esteem or motivational drive than not being able to satisfy their wanted goals of success and seeing themselves as a failure.

On the road to success and within your resolutions you may stumble along the way and face some difficulties but the key is to maintain focus. There are accounts of many successful people who have failed numerous times before gaining ground and building their successful ventures. It is said that something that comes easy goes easy so something that was worked hard for usually becomes something that is worthwhile. You become devoid of an illusion when you completely understand the dedication that goes into creating a successful pathway towards your goals. The path to success is not easy no matter how luxurious the accompanying results the success of others  look. Understand that a lot of sacrifice and focus went into creating someone’s luxurious image of gained success. So when creating your New Year’s resolution be mindful that a strategy towards your life rather than towards a year should be produced. Create a blueprint for your success and go over it periodically and during the passing of each year and adjust when necessary. There are great feelings produced from knowing that your hard work and dedicated efforts have been rewarded with great returns. Within the progression of this year realistically look at the direction you are trying to create for yourself and determine if you are reasonably ready to partake in the journey towards the road to success.

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