No Hustle, No Success

Entrepreneurship is about mastering the art of hustling. The act of hustling means to act in an aggressive manner to achieve a self mandated goal no matter how difficult it may be. In today’s world the hustler mentality is essential to surviving amongst the declining infrastructures in today’s society. To be honest as the infrastructures of society crumbles around us, the people within its environment begin to exhibit regressing qualities also. Maybe this is due to some giving up and conceding to the perception that things look too awful to overturn or maybe some have just become immune to doing hard work. Whatever the case, it presents plenty of opportunity for those who are willing to hustle hard and work.

If you examine the world as it is today, you will notice that many shifts are occurring that will restructure society’s landscape. The problem that continues to persist though is that many people in the U.S. are losing sight of the hustle that made America into the superpower of the world. Without that hustler mindset used as fuel to reignite the “American Dream”, the distinction of “America the Land of Opportunity” will be an obsolete description. If we were to emphasis the word opportunity it would illustrate that with determination and hard work anything is possible to be achieved. Let me counteract this argument though and show how a backwards hustle led to the conditions we are currently in.

When a hustle is used in a negative way that can extensively damage the conditions in the marketplace, it makes it both challenging and rewarding for those operating within its aftermath. Take for instance the real estate market that created huge sums of money but in turn created an even bigger financial collapse that ricocheted throughout the world economy. This was a dynamic hustle that was gambled on too many interlinked marketplaces and economic engines. Those who recognized that this hustle had no longevity intensified the gamble in order to cash out or reposition their holdings before the downturn. These types of situations are what bring negative connotations to the word hustler. Many like to refrain from the word and use “doing business” instead but it all holds the same meaning. As pointed out by the example of the real estate hustle, the objective of your hustle is what determines its worth and perception amongst others.

Now focusing back on the conditions of today and the opportunities that await to be produced within the redevelopment of our society. I like to watch Boardwalk Empire and just started to watch How to Make it in America. While these shows do show the negative aspect of a hustle, especially Boardwalk Empire, they illustrate the dynamics of how you seize an opportunity. It takes a lot of work, organization and salesmanship tactics to have people believe in your hustle and the value that can be produced from it. Using the type of energy and persistence that is illustrated from these shows in a positive manner is greatly needed if we are serious about rebuilding the infrastructure and image of American operations and organizations. I am telling you without a doubt that you have to hustle hard to make it in these new times. We are currently in a rebuilding period throughout the entire world and only those with a keen sense of how to strategically operate a legitimate hustle or hustles will find themselves in a comfortable position moving forward.

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