No is Just Motivation to Get a Yes

As an entrepreneur expect to hear more no’s than yes’s. The reason you hear no varies but it can boil down to: lack of experience, no established trust and skepticism of the product and service you are offering. Whatever the reason, people will come up with any excuse to tell you no so they won’t have to risk their money and time with you. It’s nothing personal, it is just that people are naturally inclined to shy away from what they do not know. You on the other hand, as an entrepreneur, take this as an indication that you are not up to par in the entrepreneurship world.

Self doubt is something all entrepreneurs deal with, even those who are successful. Being told no is like the equivalent of being told you are not good enough. It stings and can negatively affect your psyche as an entrepreneur. As self-doubt creeps in, your expectations for yourself are lowered because you start to believe you are not capable of converting skeptics into believers. Once this occurs you are a lost cause because if people can sense you lack confidence and passion; they know you cannot assist them with accomplishing anything.

Instead of taking no as a negative setback, look at it as an opportunity to make yes a resounding answer when given another chance. How can I get a yes when they already said no?

When someone says no it is usually because you didn’t present them with enough evidence to say yes. Prospective customers hate having to guess when it comes to a potential purchase. If it is not clearly defined as to how they benefit, then the likelihood of a commitment significantly decreases. As an entrepreneur, product and service provider, you have to look at your business from every angle that the consumer would. Whatever hesitation may arise or when an informative question is proposed; you being the entrepreneur should have an articulate answer. If you have done your homework (the consumer), are well-informed about your marketplace and know your business thoroughly then no should be hard to say.

For instance, a prospective client says, “No, not at this particular moment.” That would be a reason for you to give up the sales process. But you have to really analyze why they said no at that particular moment and more specifically ask why. When the reason for the no is known then it is up to you to show why that no should really be yes. As pointed out previously, the benefits associated with your products and services and the value produced from them should be clearly defined. This is so important because consumers, especially today’s consumers want real ROI for their hard-earned money. Leave people with absolutely no doubt that you can enhance their personal life and/or business life for a better experience. When people are assured of your capabilities and given incentive reason as to why they should accept your offer; yes will come out more easily than no.

Instead of being crushed by a no and taking it personal, use it as motivating fuel to receive more yes’s than no’s. Of course you will be told no and that will be the firm answer, but the goal you are pursuing is to decrease the no’s while increasing the yes’s. One thing to remember as an entrepreneur is to have thick skin and that while you may be shut out in the beginning, the opportunity to get another chance almost always comes back around.

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