The Nuts And Bolts Of Expanding An Ecommerce Business

Expanding your ecommerce business is an exciting time. You’ve watched your baby grow from an idea into a fully fledged company that’s making sales. And now you’re at the point where your current model is too small to handle the amount of customers that you’re getting. It’s a great position to be in. Expansion brings all of the excitement of opening new locations, breaking into new markets and seeing a massive spike in profits. But it isn’t all fun and games. You’ll also have to deal with a million tiny details if the expansion is going to run smoothly. This is a quick guide to the nuts and bolts of business expansion.

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Dealing With The Digital Strain


As your sales increase, so will the amount of traffic that you’re getting on your website. When you first started out, hosting your site on a local server in the office was enough, but now, it’s probably bursting at the seams. If you don’t accommodate all of that extra traffic, customers will be put off by a website that is constantly presenting them with error messages. While things are going well for you, building more servers is an expensive and time-consuming risk that you don’t want to take at a crucial turning point like this. Colocation is the perfect middle ground. You can hire the use of dedicated servers at a different location that will help you to handle all of those extra hits, without the need to spend money building your own. If the worst does happen and it all goes wrong, you won’t have wasted the money installing servers that you no longer need. ]




Chances are when you’re running a smaller business, you’ll be dealing with the shipping of products yourself. When you start getting bigger, you’ll soon realize that you can’t handle it on site anymore. You simply don’t have the infrastructure in place. One option is to buy your own shipping and manufacturing location, but you probably aren’t quite there yet. At this stage, the best thing to do is to outsource it to another company. They can deal efficiently with the scale of your operation and ensure that your customers get a professional service.




Marketing is another area that you probably handle yourself at the moment. As you grow, you need a bigger marketing team. There are no two ways about it. You’ve got a choice to make; should you hire more people and handle it yourself, or should you outsource? It all depends on the people you’ve got already. If you have people on your team that have good experience marketing for larger companies, then you should be equipped to do it yourself, but if not, you should consider outsourcing. You can’t just upscale your existing marketing strategy and hope it works. You’re in a different league now and the game has changed. Outsourcing to a marketing company gives you the benefit of their experience, and it also removes one task from the very long list that you’re likely to be dealing with during the expansion.


Expanding is an exciting time, but be careful not to let your vision cloud your judgment and make you forget about all of the day to day details.

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