How Office Design Can Improve Employee Productivity

It’s no secret that the work life inside of a cubicle is not a particularly ideal environment that an employee desires to work in. In fact, some studies show that those who spend their average 8-hour work day inside of a cramped enclosed, colorless box are by far the unhappiest. Going to work with a mindset like this before your day has even started will not yield a fulfilling career. Unhappy workers tend to barely do the minimum, are quick to complain, make more mistakes, and usually lack cooperation among their coworkers. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. With some simple rearrangement and redesign choices, you can drastically improve employee productivity and turn your company around.

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The overwhelmingly colorless office schemes that you are used to seeing may actually have an effect on your mood. Different colors can psychologically change the way people interact with things and impact how they feel on a subconscious level. Brown, one of the most common office colors, is associated with seriousness and practicality. Although this might seem ideal for a work environment, the color can also invoke feelings of laziness and the desire to remain unnoticed. Similar to brown, white is another common color associated with an office. White has a modern appeal, but an excessive amount makes people reflect on their own thoughts and it could become a distraction. Some positive colors include green (broader thinking and creative thoughts), red (boosts energy and speed), blue (calming and peaceful), yellow (optimism and clarity), and orange (cheerful and confidence).

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Furniture is another element of an office that creates the environment. For most work environments you will want to provide visibility to others to encourage a more open culture and enhance collaboration. You want the office to be a source of inspiration and a physically comfortable place to spend your day. It is also important to keep the office clean. A disorganized office can deprive people of enthusiasm. Additional things like high quality epoxy flooring can add to the overall appearance, making the office look sleek and professional. Don’t limit yourself when deciding on furniture! There are many uniquely designed offices with quirky attractions



A common dislike about the typical office is space, or rather the lack thereof. Don’t keep your employees locked behind a confined space in isolation with limited freedom. Not only is it demotivating to be stuck inside of a box, but allowing interaction among your coworkers builds cooperation and productivity. Having a window in the office is also a small addition that can make quite the difference. It allows the employee to visually experience the open world, giving them a sense of more space. Also, be mindful of where you take your breaks during work. Being forced to stare at buildings, concrete, and hearing noisy traffic are not mentally relaxing environments to be in. Nature restores concentration and calms you. It is important to spend your time on break properly so you can be well-rested and energized.

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