Operating on Hope

From personal experience I can say confidently that as an entrepreneur, you need hope and self motivation to help you sustain your course along this unpredictable journey. The ongoing process of research, development and implementation proves to be very frustrating and very tiring. Trying to establish your position in the marketplace and find yourself in the consumers’ minds can be extremely challenging to say the least. Doubters will be in abundance while encouragement will be scarce. Through it all though; you must believe in yourself and operate on hope of success in order to see past the challenges and proceed forward.

Many would be entrepreneurs are not aware of how difficult it is to make an idea into a business. While it takes a creative person to come up with an innovative business concept; it requires a determined, focused person to develop that concept’s existence. This is where the hard work comes in to play and the fun aspect of entrepreneurship begins to sober down. In reality your business concept is unknown to the consumers and has to compete for attention amongst established competitors. The pressure of operating in such a daunting environment proves too much a burden to many individuals causing some to give up and many to fail.

Those who survive the initial process of finding stability in the entrepreneurial world do so because their belief in themselves transferred into belief acquired by the consumers and distributed into the marketplace. As the old saying goes, “If I don’t believe in myself than who will?” This perfectly exemplifies the mindset an entrepreneur must possess in order to succeed. Too many times when things get too difficult or go not as planned, those who are easily scared are more susceptible to cave in and give up their entrepreneurial endeavors. Those who preserve and continue on despite the challenges do so because they have no other choice but to make their pursuits come into fruition. Despite how frustrating it seems to continue amidst the uncertainty, true entrepreneurs are fueled by hope in themselves and their ideas.

I would not mislead you and say that entrepreneurship is easy and should be partaken just because of a curious interest in the lifestyle. This choice of work becomes your life and requires intensive attention and total commitment. Gratification is not instant and may take years to come, if at all. Speaking for myself I chose to become an entrepreneur because I believe I have value to offer to aspiring entrepreneurs and developing businesses and because I am too independent to be constrained. Sometimes it is frustrating to continue without gaining significant results but I realize it is a process that I must continue to fine tune in order to find success. I operate on the hope of being recognized for by ability to effectively educate entrepreneurs towards success and help transcend businesses towards market defining results. Remember as an entrepreneur you only go as far as you allow yourself to you believe you can go. You must believe in yourself and continue to work towards your goals and eventual success. No matter what keep going.

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