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In this digital age, all you really need to start and grow a business is a computer, an internet connection, and a little start-up capital. However, face-to-face meetings with a prospective client or partner still have a very important role to play. If you’re looking to expand your business overseas, and need to arrange a business trip, even the smallest of mistakes can turn it into a costly disaster. Here are some tips for making it all run smoothly…

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Relocating your business can be even more complicated than moving your home so good organization and pre-planning is key. Follow our top tips to make sure your office relocation runs smoothly, without any hiccups along the way.


Create A Definitive Time-Line


You should be creating a structured and detailed time-frame before you do anything else. Work backwards from the move date and figure out how to best make sure that everything gets done within a tight, but not too stressful schedule. You want to start packing up the smaller items that are not essential to your team, with essential items remaining accessible all the way up to the move date. You need to make sure that your planning will not interrupt the workflow of your team whilst making sure that you are organizing and getting as much done as possible before the removal vans arrive.

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As a factory owner or manufacturer, it’s easy to forget that one of the most important aspects of your business is a happy workforce. When employees are content, they tend to cause less trouble, work harder, and will be a more loyal bunch who will stick around with your company through the dark times, as well as the good. And one of the key ways to ensure your factory workers are happy is to invest in their future by offering ongoing training opportunities. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why training is so important for your manufacturing employees.



Safer working environment


First of all, factories of any description are dangerous places to work. The enormous floor spaces in facilities are often chockablock with heavy, dangerous machinery. There are, no doubt, many nasty chemicals and hazardous substances involved in some of the manufacturing and cleaning processes. And wherever there is the danger, there is a possibility of an accident. The trouble for employers is that if a worker injures himself without the relevant training, it will be down to you. Don’t expect leniency from the law – you will be hit with a huge fine.

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When you decide to “take the plunge” and quit your job to become an entrepreneur, your whole world becomes transformed! You go from the security, if you like, of having a regular salary and end up in a place where taking a day off from work means you don’t earn anything.


As you can appreciate, entrepreneurs often spend much of their time thinking of and actioning plans that generate revenue for their businesses. You will no doubt come to realize that there’s often a steep learning curve for a newbie entering the business world. And, it’s likely that new startups will make all kinds of mistakes before they get into the swing of things.

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Having said that, even seasoned entrepreneurs tend to make mistakes; it’s not a problem exclusive to new startups. But, whether you are a new or established entrepreneur, it’s important to consider the following unwritten rules that you seldom learn about in a Business 101 class:

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A few decades ago, if you had a business, it was more or less a given that you’d have a physical office as well. These days, however, mobile devices, the dawn of the cloud, and various other shifts in technology have meant that having physical premises is no longer necessary. However, there are still good reasons why you may want to move your business to a physical office. Here are a few of the major pros and cons to consider…


The Pros

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Meetings and Client Intimacy – One of the most obvious pros of having a physical office is that it allows you to host meetings with your clients, and showcase the state of your business. Any prospective client or partner is going to feel much more inclined to play ball surrounded by your happy, hardworking employees, your quality office furniture, and contemporary art. Furthermore, you’ll be able to pick on subtle cues as to how negotiations are going. You can’t read body language over email, after all!

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Hiring a business consultant has become rather controversial in recent times. There are strong arguments that have been made for both sides of the debate. The title “consultant” has somewhat lost its luster in recent years. A lot of people may call themselves consultants, even when they are not. However, there are very compelling arguments to be made for hiring genuine and reputable business consultants. Business consultants offer many benefits to companies, especially small businesses. Read ahead for a list of these advantages, and why your company should seriously consider hiring a business consultant:

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You were full of hopes and ambitions when you started your own business. Now you are feeling a bit down and not that interested in the company. It’s surprisingly common for business owners and entrepreneurs to lose their motivation after doing business for a while. Even seasoned business professionals experience this problem. If you think your entrepreneurial motivation is slipping away from you, here are several tips that will help you stay focused and alert:

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