“I/ We have no competition.” This is the foolish statement you hear many entrepreneurs and business owners exclaim when speaking about themselves and/or their businesses. An assertion such as this illustrates that besides competitors in the marketplace being your competition; you are your own competition due to both arrogance in yourself and ignorance of your surroundings. Read More Know Thy Competition

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The question many ask when thinking about entrepreneurship is; “How is it done?” When looking at entrepreneurship in a realistic perspective, it is hard for many people to wrap their mind around the concept. In its rawest form entrepreneurship is a high risk poker game were the cards you hold determine your outcome. Of course you can try to design your impending outcome for the better by enhancing your cards but the risk of failure can never be eliminated. So why attempt such a challenge when the opportunity of failure is so immediate? Read More Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

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It is already tough enough putting in the work to become an entrepreneur; it is even tougher capturing the attention of your target market. With so many impeding factors such as competition, technology and finances; it is very difficult to be prominently positioned in the consumers’ minds. There is so much information that can be instantly gathered and so many competitors in every direction, which makes it difficult to gain a firm grasp on the marketplace. In order to gain attention and standout, you have to embrace the needs of the consumers and make them feel valued. You have to make business an enlightening experience, yes difficult but can be achieved with the right ingredients. Read More Captivating Your Audience

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It is the fourth quarter and only one minute left in the game. Down by three points you need to tie the score to extend the game or go for the win. Tying the game will require newfound energy to proceed but going for the win will hopefully secure the fate of the game in your best interest. Not only are you playing offense but also defense in order to stop the competitions ongoing pursuit to win for themselves. Everything is on the line and requires a valid effort from those in the position to be game changers. Are you in the game during crunch time? Can you handle the pressure or do you fold under the bright lights? Read More Become a Game Changer

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Since my first introduction on the innovative aspect our environment has not really changed, which is expected. It would be impossible to re-shift such a stubborn climate in the time span of a month in a half. The problem though is there still seems to be no answer on how to best fix the stagnant, declining situation we are currently in. Our leaders are just as clueless as average citizens on how to reenergize our economy. This is not acceptable when we have so much on the line with little time to waste as things keep getting worse. With high unemployment comes decreased consumption, which means little to no economic activity and limited job creation. This means teenagers and young adults graduating from college are facing a job market that is unwelcoming. This in turn creates a major void in our country’s future progression and development. Something has to be done and done quickly. Read More Innovation: The Answer to Recovery. Part II Job Creation

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2011 has turned out to be a more disappointing and dismal year rather than an improvement year as once expected. Productivity has stalled, thousands of jobs have been lost, high unemployment persist and once high hopes have faded. Amongst the miserable conditions is total confusion and constant bickering about what are the best solutions to move forward. You constantly hear talks about tax cuts, tax increases, extending unemployment benefits, injection of another stimulus package, less governmental interference and many other proposals. You are most certainly also hearing discussion about American innovation and the need to restore faith in American products and services. Read More Innovation: The Answer to Recovery. Part I Education

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The environment we are functioning in is very up and down with the down becoming more consistent. One minute a rebound is on the horizon and with the next minute momentum is gone and fear talk emerges. This seesaw effect of predictions mixed with emotions creates a negative state of confusion that discourages any hope for productive recovery. The experts explain their opinions on what is currently occurring and what they anticipate to transpire in the future, which all blurs together into endless uncertainty. This in turn makes it nearly impossible for a chance of recovery to take place because both consumers and producers are fearful of the unknown environment that awaits them. Read More Situational Overview

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