College was and to some extent still seen as the best option one has as far as producing a successful future. Many of us can recall that from the time we were young, going to college was seen as the only option to partake in after graduating high school. From parents to teachers we were constantly told how great college is and how it leads to a bright, vibrant future. Pretty much all of us ate this vision up hungrily and could not wait for our chance to become a part of this stepping stone into a great life. Recently though it seems many of us have awaken from the dream, stepped into reality and have been forced to think out loud “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED.” Read More The College Issue

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, entrepreneurship consist of mastering the art of the hustle. Many people say they are on their hustle and grind but it is nothing but big talk. A true hustle speaks for itself and does not have to be verified through elaborate talk that aims to embellish your self-proclaimed persona. Hustling is not meant for everyone because it demands an intense focus and requires you to perform on a high level consistently. Many people hate working hard for 30 minutes so imagine working hard for days that turn into years. Can you do that? Are you willing to do that? Read More Your Hustle Game is Weak!!!

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This week I had the displeasure of witnessing a business owner have a full-blown argument with a client. The client was upset because the business did not follow procedure from previous years and voiced their opinion about the following occurrence. The client also mentioned their personal situation and how the business did not correctly satisfy their issue brought in to be solved. The business owner in turn became frustrated when the client would not accept their reply and injected strongly with their own personal situation and basically dismissed the client’s feelings. The client reacted angrily and could not believe after years of being a loyal customer they were being treated so coldly and as if their situation meant nothing to the business owner. Even as the employees of the business tried to apologize for the owner’s actions it was clear that the damage was already seriously done. Read More You Call That Customer Service? Really???

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Most often you will hear entrepreneurs say they saw a potential opportunity and went after it aggressively and strategically. Many people have the same opportunities before them but do not realize it or take cautious steps towards them. Some try to weigh the opportunity cost associated with their future potential standing and their current standing. That is a smart thing to do but most times thinking too much constrains your ability to actually take risk that can lead to new and greater beginnings. I know in these current economic times risk is a word that is not warmly welcomed but it cannot be separated from entrepreneurship. If you are serious about delving into entrepreneurship understand opportunity usually comes with risk which you must leverage in your favor.

When stepping into entrepreneurship come equipped with heart, hustle and the ability to foresee opportunities where others cannot. Even Read More Turn That Opportunity Into Success

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When you take a look at the adversity and turmoil Martin Luther King Jr. had to go through, the best way to define it was “continuous hell”. Constant rejection, fierce intimidation tactics, looked upon as unruly within society’s structure; was just some of the adversity MLK Jr. had to endure. The only thing that can keep someone faithful on their journey along this difficult course is undeterred determination and unwavering commitment. For MLK Jr. to knowingly face tiresome challenges head on without hesitation demonstrates his uncanny focus to see his vision come into existence no matter what. The ability to stay committed to a vision when at times it seems hopeless and too much of a challenge is what separates leaders such as MLK Jr. from those who talk a good game but provide no action to back their words. Read More Martin Luther King Jr. Had Determination & Comitment. Do You?

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You hear it all the time. You want to gain consumer’s attention then you have to do marketing and do it well. But how exactly do you do marketing well? How do you know your marketing efforts are worth the time, energy and money put into them? It is a tricky equation that requires a lot of analysis and problem reduction to solve. Your goal is to produce beneficial interaction that leads to increased attention which translates to increased sales. The challenge that presents itself though is finding the right chemistry that produces this wanted outcome. Read More Developing Effective Marketing

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As we all get underway in this new year and prepare for the long days ahead, I think it is important we recognize what it means to show up and show out. Many people are in the process of planning a big year and proclaiming to blow away the odds against them by succeeding at what they proclaim to transpire this year. The reality of the matter is that a huge percentage of people will succumb to the challenges that come with the territory of gaining success. Also a great deal of people will, excuse my language, bring a half ass performance and act clueless as to why they did not accomplish any significant milestones. Mind boggling, I know. If you are not willing to put in the necessary effort to succeed then why even waste time at all bringing forth mediocrity. Read More Come Correct or Don’t Come At All

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