It is the beginning of 2012 and everyone is making resolutions and proclaiming to make drastic changes in their lives in order to see a better year. It is an all too common occurrence that usually ends with the same results. Nothing changes and the cycle of denial continues to persist. Why is it so hard for people to maintain their resolutions instead of letting failure set in year after year? Read More Forget a Resolution! Get Focused

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As 2011 can be defined as a year of ups and downs, 2012 is hoped to be a year of rebuilding. Many people’s hopes rest on 2012 being the year that begins the transition out of high unemployment and overwhelming debt towards new beginnings although that is seen as doubtful. The thing that I fear most about this hope is that people are waiting for things to change for the better rather than create their own opportunities for change. As I stated in previous writings times are shifting towards a more entrepreneurial mindset that enables innovative, forward thinking progression. This means many people must abandon the traditional structure of thinking and begin to embrace independent thinking outside of the structured thought of a dependent society. Read More How to Prepare for the Year 2012

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As 2011 begins to become a year of the past, I would like to reflect upon Entrepreneurial Ambitions and what is to come in the year 2012. As stated in the About section, Entrepreneurial Ambitions is dedicated to educating individuals about entrepreneurship and how to develop business idea into existence. While writing and maintaining a blog can help to spread the word about Entrepreneurial Ambitions and its intended goals, I believe 2012 should be the year were actions are put into place. I would like to begin to interact with more entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals in order to understand their views of the marketplace and the business climate. As entrepreneurs we must communicate with one another so we can be aware of the problems and limitations that persist amongst one another. Also creating dialogue and interaction with one another helps to produce greater awareness of how to become more efficient in our pursuits and how to operate with precision focus. Read More Entrepreneurial Ambitions: The Vision

Entrepreneurship Innovation Leadership Self-Improvement Small Business

Life is nothing but one big game when you look at it in its entirety and peel back its many distractions. I say this because the same processes and interactions involved in video games or board games can be emulated in real life. In this game we call real life we all are playing on different levels, posses different experiences and skills to perform with and must strategize as best as possible to coexist with the environment we are placed within. Thinking in this game mentality helps to navigate  through the different complexities that life presents to you. Life and its various facets of interaction and attainment can lead many people into chaos and/or confusion, producing the diversity we see in people’s everyday lives. Read More Can You Survive the Game?

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The year 2008 proved a valuable lesson around the world; over expansion with minimum diversity is incredibly dangerous. Look at how over bloated corporations collapsed or came close to the brink of failure within the very dependent economic system. As things became so intertwined and tightly connected, the expectation of intensified productivity increased pressure to perform. With increased pressure to perform being a shared mindset, doing whatever needed to be done to see results became the standard behavior. This meant that individuals and organizations participated in illegal activities and unregulated tactics in order to support the pressure the bloated system presented. What this illustrates is that a huge interdependent economy creates inefficiency that spreads feverishly to those even unknown to its exceeding reach. Read More The New Economy: Small Niche Businesses

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Lately I have been talking a lot about competition and surviving in a competitive environment. This is because competition and the need to be better off cannot be easily escaped especially during our current economic times. The thing about competition though, is that it is not reluctant with who can be involved in its process. Also competition comes in various forms that can be unknown to the person who does not recognize its presence. For instance, while you are looking all around to scope out your competition, are you looking at the face in the mirror? Yes, you can sometimes be your biggest competition and detour your own path towards success. Read More Your Biggest Competition: Yourself

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Let’s face the facts; creating and developing a business is a tough task to take on. Between operating, managing and promoting your business, there seems to be absolutely no time to think in a calm manner. While the hustle and bustle mentality is pretty mandatory to remain in contention, its frantic pace can deceive your eyesight and make you somewhat delusional. What I mean simply is that things in your reality are not as they appear in actual reality. For example your business may proclaim to “educate while doing business” or “exceed the customers’ expectations”. In reality though your business does not deliver an experience as what is proclaimed. You are trying to communicate to the consumer your unique selling point but fail to achieve what is promised to be delivered. Read More Unique Selling Point: Do You Possess It?

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