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Intense competition, unpredictability and widespread confusion and fear have become the new behavior among marketplaces all over the world. As each day goes by, people are constantly reminded that the economic climate and job market are becoming increasingly strained. Because major corporations and powerful financial institutions control the flow of money and jobs into the marketplace, many people are left feeling hopeless and tightly constrained. What this demonstrates is that those who control the marketplace regulate the marketplace by their own set of terms. Read More The Perfect Environment for Entrepreneurship

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Being an entrepreneur is a very challenging path to pursue, being a young entrepreneur though, seems to add more strain in navigating through this challenge. As an entrepreneur in your early 20’s, you have a lot to prove to not only yourself but also those who you promote your business to. When people envision a capable business owner; they usually picture an individual in their late 30’s, early 40’s who has years of experience under their belt. So what possibly can a young adult, who was just a kid a few years ago, possibly be capable of doing effectively as a business owner? Read More The Young Entrepreneur

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I know a thing or two about procrastination and trying to be too perfect. My obsession with not wanting to suffer with the fate of failure has caused me a great deal of setback. Wanting to be the perfectionist has delayed any chance of success I could possibly be experiencing with my entertainment company I incorporated in December of 2007. Me wanting to get things so right has disallowed me from doing the sole purpose of what my business was intended to do: entertain. Read More Too Perfect = Procrastination

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Black America is in turmoil when compared to almost every other race within the United States. Besides the Native Americans we are the most impoverished group of people and have the lowest opportunity to achieve success within the United States. I know there are more poor whites than poor blacks but I’m speaking in comparative terms of other races. The image of us is skewed to project a horrible, negative perception about us amongst people across the world and we seem to embrace these perceptions and stereotypes by perpetuating them. Read More Black America

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Being a small business owner is at times stressful and chaotic. The stresses of trying to operate a successful business can become even more difficult when working within an unproductive environment. An unproductive environment can be attributed to an unfocused working atmosphere or an unruly employee(s); both of which can lead to damaging consequences being leveled against a business owner’s business and his or her employees.
The environment that is consistent within a business reflects through the work being produced from that business. Read More Unproductive Environment

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As with any New Year, one exclaims to the masses to be headed towards brighter times and a prosperous year. I to can be accounted towards this mass group of people who proclaim to be creating a grand scheme that will transpire during the tenure of the New Year. The event of the year becoming new creates an illusion for people that enables them to believe that their life to is being transitioned into something new. The actual reality though is that while the year changes, most people do not. Read More New Years Resillusion

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Being an entrepreneur is a journey that cannot be walked upon with a half-hearted effort. On the pursuit for success come many unpredictable events and challenges that will put your perseverance to the test. Without the motivational drive of passion, your chances of sustaining in the fast paced world of small business are greatly reduced. Read More Driven by Passion

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