As with any New Year, one exclaims to the masses to be headed towards brighter times and a prosperous year. I to can be accounted towards this mass group of people who proclaim to be creating a grand scheme that will transpire during the tenure of the New Year. The event of the year becoming new creates an illusion for people that enables them to believe that their life to is being transitioned into something new. The actual reality though is that while the year changes, most people do not. Read More New Years Resillusion

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Being an entrepreneur is a journey that cannot be walked upon with a half-hearted effort. On the pursuit for success come many unpredictable events and challenges that will put your perseverance to the test. Without the motivational drive of passion, your chances of sustaining in the fast paced world of small business are greatly reduced. Read More Driven by Passion

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This is a very important topic to me because I have been on both ends with the issue. As an employee I have witnessed the failures incurred from lacking leadership. As a business owner myself, I am enduring the hardships that come with being an inexperienced leader. The position of a leader is a hard role to fill but one that should be undertaken with great appreciation and awareness. Read More Leadership Part I

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