People Talk About Success But Don’t Really Want Success

Lately I have been coming across a lot of people who talk about how they want to be successful but they never do anything beyond talking. It frustrates me because I used to be one of those people and I realized the time I wasted always talking. I would constantly talk but would never back up my claims within my talking points with actual action. Grant Cardone spoke about this backwards thinking on Entrepreneur with an article that illustrated how success demands taking massive action.

For instance, I was at a car wash vacuuming out my car. A guy came over to me asking do I work. I replied I had my own business and not a job. He asked was I hiring because the car wash wasn’t meeting his financial expectations. I said we weren’t hiring at the moment but I inquired about what he wanted to do. He said he was an aspiring music artist who did photography and video production also. I responded that the music industry would be tough to break into but his other skill sets could be of use in such an entertainment focused city (Atlanta). He agreed and I said I would be willing to help him out if he needed any guidance. I gave him my card and told him to email me. He said he would and walked off. He came back over to me again saying how he really wanted to get his business going and become self-sufficient. He reaffirmed that he would be in touch and send me an email later that day. He seemed excited.

That email never came. This guy was complaining about his current job and how he wanted better for himself. Talking about success appeased his current mood of thought but it wasn’t something he truly wanted because it didn’t dominate his thoughts enough to influence his actions to make a change. He couldn’t even take the simple steps to email me like he said he would. I’m not upset about not getting an email. I’m more annoyed about the fact of him wasting my time speaking about something he is not truly committed to acquiring.
People always bitch and complain but they never do the shit which works towards producing what they claim to want.

I hear different variations of people wanting success all the time:
• They want to start a business
• They want to make more money
• They want to learn how to make their business grow and become successful
• They want to be connected with successful individuals who can motivate them to achieve more

All this talk of wants but no follow through when it comes to taking action. I think it’s hard for people to get out of their habit of mediocre existence which is supported by mediocre behavior (this post is meant to be satire but I don’t believe most people know how to effectively be mediocre). This is because they have no knowledge of what it takes to actually be successful. The process of success is foreign to them because the knowledge of mediocrity has been acquired over their entire lifetime.


You have to stop all the talking and seek to actually produce by breaking yourself from your mental bondage. You don’t acquire success because you don’t even put in the work to produce success. Talk and action are not the same. Talk is usually filled with wants attached to so-called excuses and action is fueled by the desire to eliminate excuses. People constantly talking is really starting to disgust me. Shut up talking and start taking action in order to produce the change you speak of!

*P.S. Success is a process, meaning it requires various actions aligning with one another to produce results. Stop waiting for the single big event to occur because it won’t happen. That “single big event” is the process of hard work being consistently done over time, which finally bubbled to the surface for public view.

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