Perceived Knowledge vs Applied Knowledge

Perceive: interpret or look on (someone or something) in a particular way.

Applied: (of a subject or type of study) put to practical use as opposed to being theoretical.

I started off with these two definitions so that you can have a clear understanding of the topic at hand I am discussing. When it comes to entrepreneurship, a great deal of people are theorizing about the process of it without actually having any real experience in the lifestyle.

You know exactly what I am talking about. Those “experts” who give you advice about entrepreneurship but they are working a 9-5 themselves. Or those people who believe they have mastered entrepreneurship based off of the blogs they have read about being an entrepreneur and shows they’ve watched that cover entrepreneurship.

Foolish beliefs of expertise that are propelled by perceived knowledge. Their belief of their mastery is due to their constant fixation on their particular subject of interest. They feverishly consume the world of entrepreneurship and other’s experiences within the world of entrepreneurship. Notice thought that they are living vicariously through another’s experience without actually producing experiences of their own. Thus they create a fantasy about the world of entrepreneurship that is based on those situations which they have no real knowledge about. And entrepreneurship is something that cannot be truly understood and communicated about unless you have placed yourself in the position of operating as an entrepreneur.

When I speak of entrepreneurship, I speak with applied knowledge because I have experienced the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur and have become battle tested. Entrepreneurship can be a challenging, frustrating process that will humble the proudest person in the world. And it takes those humbling moments for you to realize that it takes hard work, persistence and the ability to learn quickly to succeed as an entrepreneur. Just reading about the process of entrepreneurship will not make you an expert on the lifestyle. All that happy-go-lucky bullshit or copy and past experiences from another’s perspective are a farce used to make people appear like they have skin in the game. Drop them into the role of an active entrepreneur though and watch them be unable to perform due to their lack of real knowledge gained by experience.

All the education in the world on entrepreneurship pales in comparison to the actual experience of actively being an entrepreneur. Knowledge only becomes power when you have experiences that mold your perception based off of trial and error of applied actions. You learn the ins and outs of the process which enable you to decipher circumstances on the horizon to form because you recognize familiar cues that have led to their development.

You can never become a master of the wilderness by being fearful of experiencing the harsh reality of the unknown. You have to experience the bumps and bruises and risk the safety of security in order to develop the knowledge that produces familiarity which leads to the development of mastery. If you are unwilling to take risk then your talk of knowledge is invalid.

Perceived knowledge is nothing but theories that have never been tested, only movement occurring in the mind. Applied knowledge are the experiences you have garnered over time that produces wisdom which effectively guides your actions.

To sum it all up nicely: Stop talking about it! Be about it!

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