Persistency in Entrepreneurship

I can’t even lie… I am tired and need a weekend of nothing but sleep and relaxation. Between working to make The Symmetry Firm successful, recruiting people for the Atlanta Entrepreneurial Ambition’s Meetup Group, creating the strategy for taking Entrepreneurial Ambitions to another level, writing for other sites, networking at least twice a week and going to the gym at least five days during the week; I am always on the go or working on something. But, honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just as I go to the gym to make gains, I do all these different activities to make gains towards being successful. I have to constantly stay in the gym to keep my shape and develop it even further. This is done even when I am tired and don’t want to put my body through hell. The same sort of mentality applies to the entrepreneurial process. It takes persistent applied action to take you from an undeveloped framework to a fully developed framework. This means that even when the desired gains are not seen as soon as you like; you still are able to focus on the goal at hand because you can feel the process taking form.

Another lie I won’t tell you. Being persistent can be hard to uphold because you have to train your mind to understand that small gains eventually add up to big results being produced. We want the big gain after one or two actions. When it doesn’t happen, we get frustrated and rush the process which leads us to producing ineffective results. Doing so waste valuable time and resources, slowing down your entrepreneurial process.

Persistency is about a focused mindset which can block out the right here and right now and instead focus on the end-game in mind. If you are having trouble, let me show you how to apply persistency to your entrepreneurial efforts.

A. Give Yourself Small Gains to Accomplish
Remember, I always say that entrepreneurship is a process and not an event. By understanding this, you learn how to build towards your desired entrepreneurial end point over time instead of trying to do so in a rushed manner. Implementing this work system also helps to keep you focused and consistent with your actions.

Give yourself daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, quarterly goals and yearly goals to be accomplished. By doing this, you give your mind transitional points to focus on achieving. This makes your entrepreneurial process have a continual flow, rather than it being a “go hard” moment for a few days and then you stop for a few days habit of pattern. With each goal accomplished, you will see that you are making progress, which makes you more determined to keep going hard.

B. Place Yourself Around Other Ambitious People
Entrepreneurship is all about competition. Whether you are competing with yourself, competing with your competitors or competing with different variables within your life. You are competing. That competitive factor is what keeps you hungry as an entrepreneur.

What better way is there to keep that competitive hunger fierce, than by surrounding yourself with other ambitious people? Being in the presence of other ambitious people forces you to analyze yourself to determine how you can become a better entrepreneur. When someone within your group accomplishes something big, you want to do the same too because not doing so makes you feel like you aren’t getting shit done. This reinforcement mechanism provides a much-needed kick in the ass!

C. Chart the Rise of Successful People
When I see the success of guys like Lewis Howes and John Lee Dumas, it inspires me to never give up. I read about their stories, where they started and how they worked to accomplish their current success. I think to myself, “If these guys can do it, then I sure as hell will do the same!”

Many people see successful people and start to think envious thoughts. That’s the absolute worst thing to do when you are on the come up. Instead, you should examine how that successful person persisted through adversity to get to where they are at today. It wasn’t one big event which put that person at the top of their profession. It was consistent hard work that continually built up over time, which eventually led to their lives being transformed.

In order to have success as an entrepreneur, you must have the ability to remain persistent. Entrepreneurship requires massive actions, that reinforce one another, in order to build significant momentum. Your desired entrepreneurial vision will not come within a week of starting and may not come within a year or two. But by you remaining persistent with effective actions, it will definitely come into fruition.

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