Poor Hustling

poor hustling
Hustling tends to hold a negative connotation when brought up within a discussion involving business. People tend to equate hustling with “no structure” and a way to make fast money at another’s expense. Basically if you identify yourself as a hustler, people will take it as you lack a real understanding of how business actually works. And unfortunately a lot of hustlers lack sufficient business acumen. They run and scramble around constantly trying to find the next participant in their hustle because they lack a clear and concise strategy of action. They are simply poor hustling.

Poor hustling can be described as frantically running around throughout the day trying to find any person willing to become a customer and make a financial transaction with you. (no target market in mind) Poor hustlers have no strategy in place that pinpoints what their future should be and how they will get to that intended point. Day after day, they do the same routine over and over just to have enough to eat for another day. And there is nothing wrong with hustling to eat. But in their case, they are not chasing an ambitious vision which must be realized at all cost as a true entrepreneur does. Poor hustling is simply the equivalent of having a dead-end job but without set hours and a “guaranteed” paycheck.

Now don’t get me wrong, all of us entrepreneurs and business owners started off as hustlers but we aspired to graduate to a higher level. We still possess that hustler’s mentality but choose to focus that drive on building an empire rather than chasing crumbs to survive. Poor hustlers never grasp this concept of vision building though, they only see the opportunity for “fast” money. But money produced without a means of being multiplied is wasted time and effort. And poor hustlers are great at wasting time and effort on hustles which have a limited yield.

Here are 9 ways to know you are Poor Hustling:

1) You have been in the same position (financially) for 3+ years as a hustler and are content
2) You switch up hustles every couple of months or every year because your previous hustle has run its course
3) There is no strategy in place, you just go with the flow of the day
4) You are constantly low on cash and must stay on the search for new people to replenish your pockets
5) You have no set clientele who is truly loyal to you
6) You never invest in business growth, you only spend on impressing others
7) You don’t know about revenue, expenses, profit and losses; to you money is just to be made and spent
8) You do not hustle towards accumulating wealth for tomorrow, you only see your today
9) You have no freedom to live, you are still participating in the rat race

If you are a poor hustler, it is time to change the errors of your ways. You can do so by:

A. Developing an effective strategy for growth beyond the initial hustle and implementing the devised plan into action
B. Constantly reinvesting money into your hustle to the point of establishing a self-sustaining business
C. Becoming more business oriented so not to come off as a schemer
D. Working to gain consumer loyalty rather than always having to find new customers everyday

It’s okay to love the thrill of the hustle but don’t hustle backwards becoming a poor hustler. The hustler’s hunger is what drives entrepreneurs but we are in this to build empires and legacies. We don’t do this to stay in a position of lack and need that controls our existence. Tighten up and don’t waste your time chasing a dollar instead of building a business that becomes self-sustaining and makes money for you even while you sleep. Why continue to work hard when working smarter yields greater results?

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