Ramp up Your Home Office Productivity With These Habits

Home offices come in many shapes and sizes, and you’d be surprised to learn the variety of professionals who actually choose to work from home. We’re talking creatives, medical practices, auto mechanics, and any entrepreneur you can think of – they’re all hidden away in your neighborhood, nestled up in the comfort of their own home.

Although the occupations vary, their problems are usually the same; balancing work and life, finding moments of peace, and achieving clarity even though their surroundings are chaotic.


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Here is how you can ramp up your home office and make every day as productive as possible, no matter if you’re trying to tidy up your kid’s toys from the bathroom before the next patient arrives – or if you’re stuck in a creative rut.

The happy home office

Recent studies have shown that people working from home, contra working in a regular office, consider themselves to be more productive. Like some sort of absurd dream come true, they also report a lower level of stress while still being able to get more done during the day.

The reason? Peace and quiet, apparently. In a traditional office, an employee is unable to control her surroundings and shut out all the noise.

If you’re working from home but still feel hopelessly unproductive, it’s quite likely that you can improve this in a few simple steps, making tomorrow a much better day.


Implement a schedule

Sure, you probably have a set schedule already – it’s work, after all, and nothing goes around unless you have a set of hours to dedicate. A schedule is about a lot more than the hours you work, though, and an unproductive worker at home should consider whether the schedule they have actually works to their advantage.

Start and end work at the same time every day, allow yourself plenty of breaks, eat lunch anywhere else than in your home office and – most importantly – make your household adhere to your hours.

This means that you should have a room of your own, avoid noisy distractions, and not allow anyone to disturb you.

If you struggle with focusing on the task in front of you, it’s a good idea to tidy up your surroundings first thing in the morning. Chaos is a massive productivity killer and should be dealt with before it starts to deal with you instead.



No matter what business you’re in, you should have a sufficient amount of supplies at all times. This goes beyond the regular stationery – although this is also important. When you work in a regular office, processes will be taken care of for you, and you don’t have to worry about falling behind.

When you’re working for yourself, however, you need to consider everything to make sure nothing distracts and bothers you enough to ruin productivity. Make use of one of the best SEO companies out there to manage your website worries, consider hiring a social media expert to extend your marketing campaigns, and remember to keep your tech up to date.

You can always go all out and feng shui every corner of your office, but it’s not really necessary. Create a space that you enjoy being in, clear space in your mind to concentrate on your work, and remember to get out of your office whenever you have a break.


It’s the kind of stuff that makes home office workers more productive than regular office workers – and we don’t have to suffer through the commute either.


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