Real Success requires Self Mastery

Do you know why success is so difficult for many people to obtain? It is because it requires so much damn discipline. To be quite honest, in today’s world, discipline is becoming a rare trait people possess. The reason for this is because a majority of people lack the ability to truly control their thoughts and actions due to living in a world that provides so much distractions.

Now think about that for a minute. People say they are in control of their life but in actuality they are not even in control of themselves. They can easily be influenced to think and behave in a certain manner without even realizing what is occurring. This happens because they do not recognize who they are nor do they hold themselves accountable to a set of imposed standards. Without recognizing and accepting their weaknesses along with knowing their strengths, they are denied the ability to master themselves.

How this translates to success should be quite easy to see. Success requires the ability to become disciplined in a variety of traits. These traits can be focus, perseverance, ambition, etc. What they all have in common is that they require your absolute attention in order to come into existence in your life. Attention that you must sacrifice giving to something or someone else because you have a greater purpose to pursue. Doing so requires you to give up short-term pleasure for long-term peace of mind which produces a fulfilling life.

So how do you achieve self- mastery?

A. Take Inventory of Your Life.
Take a good hard look at your life. Really examine your daily interactions, your reoccurring thoughts and your habitual behavior. What do you find when you do this assessment?

This is the process of determining who you are and if you truly love the person you currently are. A difficult task this may be for some because they choose to hide from their inner-self every day. Living a lie instead has become quite comfortable because your world operates around other’s beliefs rather than your own.

B. Do Away With Waste
Do you know what waste is? Waste are those things, people and places which hold you captive in a state of mediocre misery or blind you to the reality of your lack of self control within your life.

One of the hardest parts of self mastery is forgoing indulging in those things which help our mind escape from the real world around us. You can’t master yourself if your refuse to take on the challenge of letting go what holds you hostage.

C. Discover the Purpose of Your Existence
What makes success so difficult for many to achieve is that they do not know what success means to them. Instead they base their belief of success off what they visually see from someone else.

You can never truly be happy if your life is not being guided by a sense of purpose. Determine what makes you happy, what you are meant to do and let that realization become your motivating force for your thoughts and actions.

D. Impose Strict Rules for Life
People follow rules imposed by society, yet have no rules they have set for themselves which they are governed by. Therefore, they are more influenced by others rather than being their own source of influence.

Create values that you adhere to which cannot be broken nor can they be dissuaded by anyone you interact with. Once you have a set of guiding rules for life; you have the ability to block out the idiotic ways of those who have no direction in their life.

I’ll end this post with a simple but very accurate quote. Once you master yourself, any challenge you are faced with becomes small in comparison.

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