Recruitment Strategies for a Fast-Growing Business

If your business is growing beyond your expectations, then it’s important to understand how to cope with it. A fast-growing business is dangerous in many ways. Most of the time, it’s the lack of manpower and vision that can ruin an otherwise flourishing business idea. It’ll be dragged down by indecisiveness, a lack of knowledge and occasionally, stubbornness. If you don’t want to screw up your fast-growing idea, then here are a couple of recruitment strategies that will help you find and secure the manpower needed to run your business.


Hire talent, but let them go


Talented individuals are attracted to fast-growing businesses. They’ll swarm around you like moths to a flame, just waiting for a chance to ascend their career ladder and make something of their life. However, it’s important that you understand this basic rule with most starry-eyed graduates: they will leave you. You’re just a stepping stone on their path to greatness and they will rampage through several businesses before either realizing they’re not as talented as they thought they were or starting up their own company. Hire talent, use them as much as you can, squeeze every bit of productivity and all the ideas you can, and then let them go instead of wasting time, effort and resources on trying to keep them in your company. Don’t promise them riches and don’t promise them a share of your company—just let them go.

Keep them happy


Imagine trying to grow a business where new faces appear on a regular basis. You don’t want to make them angry or upset at you because they can easily spread dissent across the staff. For instance, if you aren’t paying them on time then you shouldn’t be surprised when they all leave in unison. Make sure you’re using services like to generate payslips for them and pay them on time and ensure you’re caring about their safety and well-being so you can build up trust.

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Look for short-term, not longevity


Hiring an employee is expensive and time-consuming. In fact, there are many employee retention strategies that focus on building up their experience over a long period of time so that they become future leaders, managers and senior members of staff that will guide the next wave of recruits. Unfortunately, while this is a sound strategy for most businesses, a fast-growing business doesn’t have time for this. Don’t nurture someone into a manager—hire a manager instead. Don’t hire a new designer who is fresh out of university—just hire a freelancer.


Open up remote positions


If you want as much attention as possible, then you have to open up your hiring process to the rest of the world. Focus on advertising remote positions that can be filled by people all over the world. Focus on hiring freelancers, outsourcing specialized tasks, and getting work done via the cloud instead of requiring people to physically be inside of your office. If you need some help with remote employees, then this article at has some excellent tips that will help you hire and manage employees from all across the world. At-home works are invaluable—make the most of them!

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