Save Money By Making Your Small Business Energy Efficient

When starting and maintaining a small business, keeping monetary costs to a minimum is a must. One way to achieve this ideal is to make your company energy efficient, and keep extraneous costs low as a result.


Below are a few quick tricks to making a working space greener.

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The big tricks for heating up


When running a small business, energy concerns can make up a over a quarter of the budget.  If you’re modern minded, creating a green energy space is important for bringing in similar custom. Similarly, reducing your electrical consumption can be necessary for moving forward in quieter sales months.

One way is to turn down the central heating and encourage the use of jumpers or warm clothing amongst a workforce. In summer months this is an excellent way to cut down unnecessary thermostat bills. However, in winter months this may be a less effective technique.


Similarly, using something like a briquetting press to create energy pellets for boilers or small furnaces in offices for heat is a surefire way to keep your status on the green side as well as being a long-term investment. This is especially integral in winter months, with renewable sources such as briquettes burning hotter than standard wood and being more reliable than a central heating system which can break at any point. Savings when considering your carbon footprint add up to 80% due to the incorporation of waste elements in materials usually involved in biomass fuels.


Electronic hacks for energy efficiency


If leaving an electrical device such as a laptop for

any period over 5 minutes, set it up with a ‘sleep’ mode. This will not only make sure the laptop doesn’t overheat, but will also save a considerable bit of money in the long run. If every device in an office is set to the same specifications, energy hauling will improve drastically as any sudden rushes away from a desk will be accounted for.


If there’s a refrigerator in the break room, keep it on the small side. Refrigeration costs can skyrocket an energy bill up due to the unusual cold temperatures, so keeping the degrees closer to room temp and decreasing the unit size will work wonders for greener business.


Quick tips for saving energy


Reducing paper wastage can save on printing costs in financial and energy terms. By keeping printing to a minimum and only for necessary projects like advertising and presentations, the printer itself is less of a drain on resources and less likely to break. Plus you won’t be constantly opening a new pack of paper from the supplies cupboard.


It’s always preferable to use natural light instead of artificial lighting. Keep blinds open and overhead lights off on any days when light from the outside is visible. This will both lower energy costs and increase productivity of anyone working on those days.


It’s easy really. Using energy tricks are a simple way to cut costs in your business, and help the environment at the same time.



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